What is a Projector Set?

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Projector Sets are arguably the most important part of any HVLP gun. While much of this article holds true for all HVLP guns, we are going to specifically be talking about the Titan Maxum II Turbine HVLP Gun. 

What is a Projector Set?

A projector set, also called a needle assembly, refers to 3 parts in an HVLP gun: the needle, the nozzle, and the air cap. All pieces of a set will have the same number stamped on them. The different number refers to the diameter size of the nozzle in that set. Sets are commonly changed depending on the material being sprayed.

Which Projector Set Do I Need?

Firstly, projector sets are not universal between brands. You need to identify your gun and the projector set listed in its manual.

We get asked this question quite frequently: "Do the Maxum II and the Maxum Elite have the same projector set?" The answer is no. The Titan Maxum II Gun takes a different projector set than the Titan Maxum Elite Gun. You can see the difference in the needle between the two.

Titan Maxum II Projector Set

Maxum Elite Projector Set



Now we get to the sizes. A size too small can cause the material to sputter, inhibit spraying, or get completely clogged. A size too big will result in runs in the material because the gallons per minute is too high. The table below provides a basic, quick reference for designed sizes and material.

Set #

Size: Inches, (mm)


2 .031" (.08 mm) Low viscosity stains, car paint, varnishes, clear lacquers
3 .051" (1.3 mm) All Purpose (Thinning may be required)
4 .070" (1.8 mm) Medium visc, latex, oil, lacquer primers
5 .086" (2.2 mm) High visc materials, gels, multicolored paints
6 .097" (2.4 mm) High visc, gels, adhesives, multicolored paints


Follow manufacturer recommendations for how much to thin the material being sprayed and with what solvent to thin the material. These instructions will be on the application instructions on the can in most cases.

A quick rule of thumb is to take paint stick and dip it into the material. Pull it out and watch the material run off the stick. When the "string" of material begins to break and drop off of the stick, note the time in between drops. The target is about 1 second between each drop. If the time is notably longer than 1 second, use the appropriate solvent to thin the material and test again. 

The Max II Gun comes with a #3 set already installed. It's considered an all purpose size, because, with proper thinning, most materials can be sprayed with it. Notice a #4 is ideal for spraying most latexes, but the #3 can work well with the same material but with more thinning. A #2 is great for stains, but many stains can still be sprayed with the #3, thought the flow rate can be higher than expected.

In the real world on real projects, it's not an exact science, so feel it out. If you have concerns, spray a piece of scrap cardboard or wood as a test. And as always, you can leave a comment or reach out to us at info@gleempaint.com or (228) 863-3942!


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