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Titan Maxum II Guide

The Titan Maxum II HVLP gun is an extremely trusted gun in the HVLP industry, and here at Gleem Paint, we've been selling the Maxum II gun since the late 60's. Now, anyone saying that their tool or product will never wear out is simply not being honest. However, the point of this article is to target key areas that will drastically increase your Maxum II's life. We are going to focus on tips and tricks surrounding the most obvious sign that something is loose or worn with your Titan Maxum II Gun.




Near the Trigger

This is the most visible and immediate problem that can come up. The most common place for the Max II Gun to leak is around the packing nut. (See picture) A slight tighten to the nut may be all you need to do. A loose packing nut can also cause a stream of fluid to leak as shown above. There may be nothing wrong with any of the parts!


  1. Disconnect the cup assembly and any hoses
  2. Pull the trigger all the way back
  3. Use a 3/8" wrench or HVLP Gun Wrench to tighten the nut until the needle remains retracted when you release the trigger.
  4. Gradually loosen the nut until the needle can once again move freely.

You want the nut to be as tight as possible while still allowing free needle movement. If this adjustment does not fix the leak, the actual Teflon Packing will need to be replaced.

Around the Cup

Nine times out of ten, if there's a leak around the cup area, the gasket is the culprit. Unlock the lid, inspect the gasket, (make sure ones there in the first place) and sometimes you can readjust and lock in the cup. Eventually, however, you'll have to replace the Cup Gaskets.

If it's something else on the cup assembly, we probably have it to on our Full List of Maxum II Parts. Some of our customers prefer to have an extra Cup Assembly on hand for quick change-outs or seamless repairs.

Front of the Gun

If you are getting a leak out of the front of your gun near the nozzle, the projector set may be worn. This could be either the needle, nozzle or a combination of the two. First, make sure no paint or material has dried in the nozzle preventing the needle from resting completely within the nozzle. Second, inspect the needle and nozzle for signs of wear or deformities. If necessary pick up a new projector set sized for your material. 

the Needle Spring may be worn out causing the needle to not come fully closed. Unfortunately, you can't just adjust this. You are going to have to bite the bullet, but at least it's just a $2.99 replacement. We recommend buying two or three of these at a time just to save on shipping. 

As always, feel free to reach out to us for any specific questions you may have about your Max II at info@gleempaint.com or (228) 863-3942

Reference: Titan Maxum II User Manual

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