Packing , White Teflon ( For Fluid Needle ) 0275579

Packing , White Teflon ( For Fluid Needle ) 0275579

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0275579 or 275579

This is one of the most popular HVLP parts we sell. Through normal use and wear, your gun's packing will eventually wear out or become damaged. Usually, when your paint is pulsating or your gun is leaking in the pictured area, it's time to replace your needle packing. We recommend keeping several on hand. Keep in mind, ordering more than one won't increase shipping charge, so grab a few!

Listed as item number 24 for the Titan Maxum II Gun Part Breakdown.


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Before You Order!

Try these packing nut instructions below first. (Especially on newer guns)
Packing Nut Adjustment Instructions:
If material leaks from around or through the packing nut, readjust the packing nut.

      1: Disconnect the air hose from the air inlet and remove the cup assembly.

      2: Pull the trigger all the way back and hold.

      3: Tighten the packing nut using a 3/8” wrench (or optional HVLP gun wrench) until the needle remains retracted inside the nozzle when you release the trigger.

    4: Loosen the packing nut slowly until the needle moves freely back into position in the nozzle.
Once you have adjusted the nut, reconnect the air hose and the cup assembly. Squeeze the trigger to see if the leaking has stopped. If it has not, make sure the packing nut is a tight as possible, while allowing the needle to move freely. If adjusting the packing nut does not stop the leak, replace the packing.

Gleem’s side note:
Wagner/SprayTech packings are made of Teflon versus a softer leather type that many other manufactures use. Teflon packings are a tad harder to set when new (another reason we have the instructions posted above), but the major advantage to using Teflon is the they outlast leather packings four to one.

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