HVLP Cup, One Quart

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Titan Cup $33.95

Part #0275573

Quart cup manufactured by Titan (1) for may HVLP Paint Guns such as the Wagner Conversion Gun, CapSpray Maxum II, Maxum Elite, NBC/NB Gun and more.

Bedford Cup $19.95

Part #GP-899

Gleem also offers a replacement HVLP Cup at a discounted price manufactured by Bedford (2). We have inspected and tested this cup and it is compatible with the same HVLP Guns. The Bedford cup is about 0.1 lbs lighter. The 3rd picture shows the Titan Cup on the left and the Bedford Cup on the right for comparison. 

With either cup you need to filter the material as before it flows through the gun. Gleem's favorite choice is a filter that fits on the material tube in the cup, like the Tube Filters or Slip On Paint Strainers below. Also below are replacement Cup Gaskets.


Paint Filters

As always we recommend straining your paint using one of the products below. This will not only prolong the life of your equipment, but also keep your spray pattern consistent.

Cone Paint Strainers Tube Filters Slip-On Paint Strainers

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Gary Norman
Hvlp cup

A very good product that work well.

Jason Pierce
Best place to buy!

Top notch service!

John Ahern

I requested a receipt. I don't want to go thru an app to get a receipt for something we paid for. Don't make it hard for your customers.

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