DSP Inlet Valve Assembly, Pusher Stem, Large

DSP Inlet Valve Assembly, Pusher Stem, Large

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Current Part Number: 0516296

Alternate Part Numbers: 759-379, 0516246a

Fits the Following Pumps

Titan Wagner Amspray SprayTech Pro Force Krebs
1720 K3017
XL335 9190 1900 1920 PF33 4019
XT420 9210 2100 2120

Compatibility Notes

This is the New/Pusher style inlet valve assembly that is included with DSP/Apex pumps listed in the above chart with build dates in late 2006 and 2007 onward. This inlet feature a "Pusher Stem" that allows a user to push/tap the lower ball without having to remove the suction set.

Older model sprayers may have a manual that calls for part number 0516246a. That part does not have a pusher stem and is no longer being manufactured. This part replaces the discontinued 0516246a and is listed on current manuals.

If replacing an Non Pusher Valve with a New Pusher Stem Valve, purchase a compatible Suction Set!

Cleaning the Inlet :
If needed, you can remove the inlet assembly from the sprayer for further cleaning/inspecting. However please avoid taking the inlet apart for cleaning. (Refer to the owner's manual for further instructions; located on page 20 of the latest DSP/Apex owner's manual.)

NO individual parts are available for any of the inlet assemblies. So if you did take the inlet assembly apart for cleaning (which is highly not advised), be very careful to not loose any parts; or you will have to purchase the whole assembly.

F.A.Q's :
Question : How do you know when to replace this part?
Answers :
  • 1: If you lost any parts inside the assembly you must replace the assembly. (Common part to loose is the ball, which the ball CAN NOT come out on its own. If it is lost this means the user took the assembly apart and lost the ball.)
  • 2: A inlet will eventually wear out and need replacing. A worn inlet will give you similar symptoms as a worn packing. So it is sometimes hard to tell when to replace the inlet assembly. The basic way to tell is if the pump is priming, but will not build up full pressure. And you know that the packing is good (and that the upper and lower ball is not stuck) then replace the inlet assembly.

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    Ron Mayrand
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    Gleam had my hard to find part for my airless paint sprayer. Shipped in a few days and I was able to complete the job without having to buy a new sprayer.

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