Prime Spray Valve Assembly Replacement Kit 512250

Prime Spray Valve Assembly Replacement Kit 512250

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512250 or 0512250

This newer 90 degree prime spray valve kit upgrades/replaces the older "Set Screw" style prime/spray assemblies. The 90 degree is a better design. The older set screw knobs were bad about stripping.
These newer 90 degree ones almost never come off. (unless you hit them with a hammer or such) The 90 degree uses a retaining clip as shown in the image to the right.
Easy part to put on, takes us about 2 minutes, a first timer would take about 5 mins. Main thing is to look at the instructions and put the parts on in the order the instructions show before you put them retaining clips on. (The retaining clips hold very well and are hard to pull off, so get it right before you slip the retaining ring (rings) on.) TIP: A small socket works well to press on the retaining clip. 

Includes all the little parts as shown in the color picture at top of page including:

  • 1 Seat
  • 1 Stem/Ball Assembly
  • 1 Spring
  • 1 Star Washer
  • 1 Hex Nut
  • 1 Cam
  • 1 Knob
  • 2 Retaing Clips 
    (you only need to install one)

Fits about 90% of all Wagner pumps!
Including (but not limited to) 404+, 833, 834, 844, 505, 3566, 847, 4785, 9140, 9150, 9170, 9190, 1700, 1900, 9210, 9250, EP2105, EP2205, 965, 945, etc.etc.

Only pumps we know it does not fit is the older HP/ST (1250 and Super Stinger) style diaphragm pumps, and the big commercial piston pumps that use the dump valves like Ep2510,2400,2300 etc.

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