Apex-DSP Suction Set, Metal-Flex 0516198

Apex-DSP Suction Set, Metal-Flex 0516198

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Note!!! This item is technically out of stock until further notice. However,  we are currently offering an identical suction set in its place. It will not have metal threads or and plastic outer nut. Instead it uses a clip to secure the tube to the pump. Please note if you order this item, it will be slightly different from the picture but will work.

Option Description : The Kit A optional water hose wash-out adapter that will allow you to hook this suction set up directly to a water hose for clean-up of waterborne paints.

Water hose wash out close up

Fits the Following Pumps
Wagner Amspray SprayTech Apex Pro Force Krebs
9150/9146 1500/1550 1620 PF25 K3017
9170 1700 1720 PF33 K4019
9190 1900 1920    
9210 2100 2120    

This is a new optional upgrade suction set for basically all the upright cart DSP-Apex Wagner/SprayTech/Amspray sprayers. See the full list of units it fits above.

  • Flexible intake tubing makes it easier to insert the suction set into a 5-gallon pail.
  • Metal Threaded Nut resist stripping. (Plastic outer housing.)
  • Metal Meshed intake filter helps keep the trash out and last longer than the plastic filters.
  • Optional (Pick "KitA" [+$2.00 Extra] for this option.) 0515146 Water-hose wash-out adapter cuts clean-up time of waterborne coatings.
Note: Does NOT include the return hose or clips.

Gleem's Comments : This new (as of 11/2007) Strait Metal/Flex suction set replaces obsolete/discontinued 0516278 version. This newer 0516198 version is completely interchangable with old version as for pumps; however this newer 0516198 version uses a different filter.

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