Titan Capspray 115 HVLP Free Shipping

Titan Capspray 115 HVLP Free Shipping

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Free Ground Shipping! (Cont. USA only)

New Unit
Full Four Year Manufacturer's Defects Warranty from Titan.

Special Offer!
Buy this unit, and get an Extra Maxum II HVLP Gun shipped separately for FREE! 
(Up to a whopping $315 Value!)

Extra details for all Canada and US addresses:

Having two guns is a handy feature for those times you are switching back and forth from clears to pigmented paints; or if you are out on the jobsite and don’t want take the time to clean out primer to switch to finish coats or such.

This special promotion may end at any time, order now to ensure you do not miss out!

No coupons to fill out or send in, this is an exclusive Titan CapSpray rebate promotion. The free second gun comes directly from Titan's warehouse. Titan states the gun may ship in "4-6 weeks." We understand time is precious, so we begin the rebate process for you as soon as you make your purchase, saving you about a week. The Capspray 115 as well as the included Maxum Gun will still ship from our store within 1 business day.



Titan Capspray 115:

  • 30 feet of air hose plus 5' whip hose
  • 11.5 psi 6-stage Tangential Turbine
  • Ability to switch from 4-stage to 6-stage pressure
  • Maxum Elite Gun
  • 1 Pressure Fed Quart Cup and 1 Gravity Fed Quart Cup
  • Extra #4 and #5 Projection Set (in addition to the stock #3 set)
  • Dual Air Filters
  • Built-In Cup and Gun Holder
  • Four Year Manufacturer's Defect Warranty
  • New Unit

From Titan:
This revolutionary, 6-stage portable turbine spraying system is the only turbine ever to achieve full HVLP capability. It combines quiet operation and high air cap pressure for the finest atomization possible. CAPSPRAY 115 will apply nearly all fine finish coatings with little to no reduction.

From Gleem:
This is the biggest, baddest HVLP system Capspray has ever made. It can switch from a 4 stage unit to a 6 stage with the flip of a switch. This feature insures you always have the right sprayer at the right time. Basically it can do anything a HVLP Sprayer has ever done and more. If you never spray heavier materials, then this sprayer may be more than you need, but then again there is something to be said for having the best. 

Here is the Titan Capspray Series Brochure.

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