Wagner HVLP Conversion Gun

Wagner HVLP Conversion Gun

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Contractor Series 
New with One year warranty
Convert your air compressor to an HVLP system.

( Minimum 1-1/2 hp required )

This just might be our favorite product we feature. The Wagner Conversion Gun lets anyone with an air compressor pull off some really nice finishing work. It's designed for stains and clear coats, automotive paint, marine paint, an it can even spray latex too. We just typically recommend thinning your paint or using the #3 (1.3mm) Projector Set.

We've been selling this gun for years and only hear positive feedback. It's a NB (Non-Bleeder) gun, which means air does not continue to flow when the trigger is released. This allows for for greater control since we can meter fluid and air. 


  • Works with 1 1/2 HP and Larger Compressors
  • 89% P.T.E. (product transfer efficiency)
  • Choose from 3 spay patterns via Click-in spray cap (round, vertical, horizontal patterns)
    HVLP Spray Pattern
  • Adjustable spray pattern sizes (from 1/4" all the way up to 12" patterns)HVLP Spray Pattern Size
  • Guided air cap for perfect pattern alignment
  • Two-stage trigger
  • Stainless steel #2 Projector Set
  • Provides the finest atomization in the industry
  • NB non bleeder gun

Owner Manuals

There are two manuals listed because the Wagner Conversion Gun was sold with two different gun bodies. The older style is the NBC/NB model which has a knob on the side near the top of the gun. The newer style is the Maxum II model which does know have the knob. Make sure when ordering parts, you confirm the part number for the correct model. Many parts are the same, but the Front Air Valve Seal and Tube Handle are common and often confused between the two models.

Wagner Conversion Gun(NBC/NB)

Wagner Conversion Gun(Max II)

F.A.Q. On this Gun:
Q. What pressure setting do you recommend?
A. The setting I use ( Which got these numbers from a local cabinet shop. ) is,

  • 40 psi at the Compressor
  • 15-18 psi at the Gun gauge ( Setting Before trigger is pulled ) Have also heard that it works well at even lower settings.

Q. Can this gun work with a pressure pot?

A. Yes and we actually have some nice pots for sale on our site.

Editor's Review :(long)

I tried one of these myself, and I have to say I really like this gun. I have used this same NB gun, without the conversion package (NBC), on my HVLP turbine for many years. I was finishing seven full size doors the other day and decided to take one of the conversion guns out to spray the clear lacquer. I used the conversion gun with a 2hp "pancake" compressor. It really impressed me. Sprayed nicely, nice pattern even though I really did not think it would spray as good on a compressor as well as on a turbine. But it did. The conversion gun did have about 5-10% more over spray compared to my turbine setup. There was still at least 50% less over spray than a normally conventional compressor gun. I used about 16-18 psi. (This is the setting before trigger is pulled, using gauge on the gun.) (have heard from other users it works well at as little as 6-8 psi also) It seems to be able to handle thicker coatings better than my turbine HVLP, due to its higher psi to the cup. 
Updated Review: Used this gun with some water-based acrylic ( Coronado's Rust Scat )and was pleased with the results also. I sprayed two doors, and 60 feet of baseboard. Without having to thin the acrylic paint to spray the trim. This is not normal for painting with a hvlp gun, added plus for jobs were you need to spray thicker coatings. On the doors I still thinned about 10%, since I wanted a wet look - slick finish.

Compressor notes:
The little 2hp 6 gallon pancake compressor I used in my review did the job with this gun. I sprayed 9 solid wood doors in the review. I could go about 2-3 doors (one side) before I would have wait to let the compressor catch up. That little tank on the pancake compressor is a little small if you are going to be spraying constantly. (On the second updated acrylic paint review I was using a different compressor, it was a 4hp 20 gallon. It had no trouble at all, do not even remember the compressor kicking on while spraying.) 
---end of Editor's review--

Customer's Comments on this Gun

(This is from a customer who bought the Wagner conversion gun from us.)
"BTW, we (my son & I) *really* like the gun - what would have required in excess of a quart of media using our old conventional DeVilbi$$ gun only consumed around a pint or so using the Wagner with our lowly cheapo compressor!! Of course we couldn't get the 24"-32" fan pattern of the old DeVilbiss, but the material savings far outweigh the necessity for big fans since production really isn't an issue with us.

You may also add that it can be adjusted to shoot a small 1 & 1/2 inch fan with the same flow as a larger fan, which is great for small projects or tricky situations. What *really* impressed us was the negligible overspray from the gun compared to our old conventional Devilbiss. Now we don't have to mask so heavily (or not at all in some cases) and not have to deal with overspray clouds sticking to everything that's not covered - in addition to saving on media costs. We're very happy with the price/performance ratio for this unit."

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