TR1 HEA Tips

TR1 HEA Tips

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Airless spray tips of the future. These TR1 High Efficiency Airless tips from Titan have several features that are noteworthy. 

  • Up to 55% less overspray
  • Lower working pressure of 1,000 PSI
  • Fits standard tip guards
  • Feathered edge spray pattern 
  • USA Made

Need help picking a size? What Do Airless Spray Tip Sizes Mean?


The ability to operate at lower pressure gives greater control of the paint leaving the tip. As much as 55% of the paint that is usually lost to unintended surfaces can be used for your actual project. Everyone benefits from having less overspray, but projects with smaller target surfaces really do need a tip like this.

1,000 PSI

The max PSI rating for these tips is 3,300, but they are designed to atomize paint at only 1,000 PSI. Operating at a lower pressure will extend the life of your sprayer, extend the life of the tip itself, and be generally safer to use.

Feathered Edge

A seemingly small feature, the feathered edge of the TR1 spray pattern is quickly appreciated by anyone that has previously sprayed with a standard spray tip. The feathered edge is a much more forgiving spray pattern that is much less likely to either have runs and drips or to miss spots altogether. 

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Richard Snyder
Titan HEA’s

Wont spray without them! Lower pump pressure. Easier on pump. Easier on hoses.

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