Airless Sprayer Hose - 3300 PSI

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  • 1/4" Airless Hose
  • 3300 PSI Working Pressure
  • Supplied with 1/4 nps female fittings and spring guards on both ends

FAQ: Will this hose fit your sprayer?

All* Wagner and SprayTech airless sprayers use 1/4" fittings for the gun and hose. So you don't have to worry about if the hose will fit your unit or not. This hose will work as replacement or add on hose.
*There are some very large ($2,000+ sprayers) SprayTech pumps (EP2510, EPX2555 for example) that comes with a 3/8" outlet fittings.

Actually 98% of all airless units use 1/4" fittings. Only other fitting on the market is 3/8" and is only used on huge 2 or 3 gun capable units, made for spaying block filler and such. All Campbell Hausfeld airless units use 1/4" fittings, and along with all Graco units under 1 gpm.

Don't forget a hose connector if you are connecting 2 hoses together.

Note: Quality Guaranteed, but color may vary! 

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Jose Palomec

Airless Sprayer Hose - 3300 PSI

Richard Harri

Gleem Hose received.

John Mc Hugh
John Mc Hugh, Republic of Ireland

Great website layout, easy access to items of interest. Great help with inquiries

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