TR-9  Roller Attachment

TR-9 Roller Attachment

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Use the TR-9 with a Wagner or SprayTech airless sprayer to cover large area FAST. Steady flow of paint from the airless allows continuous rolling with out stopping to dip roller or fill paint tray. You save time and mess. Paint flow is adjustable to user work speed. Use with latexes, enamels, stains, oils. Ideal for covering large areas where airless spraying is not appropriate.

Replacement covers are available in 3/8" or 3/4".

The TR-9 can be used with any full sized stationary airless (Not the hand held "Power Painter" models) paint sprayer that has a 7/8" (G-Thread) diffuser airless gun. (Note: All airless guns currently are the industry standard 7/8" threads; if you have an older [pre 1997-98] gun with 11/16” threads you will need one of these 11/16” to 7/8” adapters.

Due to the built in flow reducer, this TR-9 roller arm will also work well with the Wagner 770 Paint Crew even though the 770 Paint crew lacks pressure control.

Airless Roller Attachment In UseHow to Operate :
Tr-9 In Use1: Make sure the sprayer is OFF, and pressure is released. (see sprayer’s owners manual for instruction to release pressure)
2: Make sure the tip and tip base/guard are off the gun, and then connect the TR-9 directly to the spray gun diffuser.
3: Prime sprayer. After priming the unit, turn the pressure down until a steady flow comes out the return tube. (Use the lowest pressure setting possible.) Close priming valve, (in other words turn the unit to spray mode) pressure should be approximately 50-200 PSI.
4: Flow to the roller is controlled by occasional triggering of the spray gun. Flow can also be controlled by turning the pressure up and down. Do not over saturate the paint roller, this causes dripping and poor rolling.
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