Titan Synergy SC-6 FF (Fine Finish) Airless Tips

Titan Synergy SC-6 FF (Fine Finish) Airless Tips

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F.A.Q. on these tips:
Q: Will these tips fit the XXXX airless paint sprayer on your web page?
A: Yes, these Titan SC-6 FF tips will fit the tip base on all the airless sprayers we sell. However, you will need to purchase a Red Extra-Fine 180 mesh gun filter to use the .008”-.012” sizes. Otherwise the small offices sizes of these tips would be prone to clog. For the .014” size you can use either the Red Extra-Fine or Yellow-Fine.

Not sure what size tip to get or what the numbers mean? Click this link for our guide on tip sizes: Understanding Airless Spray Tip Sizes

Features :

    • Comes with seal and saddle
    • Dual atomization chambers creates a soft spray with ultra-fine atomization.
  • Designed for the highest quality finish while spraying at low fluid pressure.
  • Sprays lacquer, varnish, stains and all other fine finish coatings.
  • Made from the finest tungsten-carbide available
  • Interchangeable with all major brands*
  • Every tip comes with a new saddle seal and a core washer for your base.
    Other manufactures charge you $5.00 extra for these seals.

* Note:
Package says "Interchangeable with all major brands" These brands would include: Wagner, Titan, SprayTech, Amspray, Krebs, Graco, and Campbell-Hausfeld.. The only exception to this interchangeable rule is old Titian, CH, and Wagner tip bases that was manufactured in the year 2000 or prior. Back in those days the manufactures all used different tip bases that were not interchangeable. (FYI: It’s a common misconception that you need a “spray tip” to fit your “spray gun”; not correct, you need a “spray tip” that fits your “tip base/guard” not the gun. It is the “tip base/guard” that holds the “spray tip”, not the “spray gun”.) If you have an older tip bases (let’s just say over 4 years old) and you’re not sure if these tips will fit; the simple answer is to order a new tip base. Our SprayTech tip bases/guards are completely interchangeable with all airless guns, no mater what year your gun was made.
(Tip guards/bases are available at this link: Reversible Tip Bases )

===== Gleem’s Comments
So what’s the word on these newer Fine Finish tips? The feedback from painters has been very good. (Though have not had any feedback from cabinet shops which are a logical choice for these type tips. Customers, please email us what you think, we are interested in hearing!) The special feature of these tips is the dual atomization. The tip barrels have two carbide tips in a row (therefore the higher cost). The first carbide slightly breaks up the finish, while the second carbide completes the atomization. This equates to finer atomization, sharper edges, and a side benefit is you can spray at lower PSI settings than usual. (Lower PSI also helps to slightly lower overspray.)

Q1: What materials can you spray with these tips?
To copy from above: “Sprays lacquer, varnish, stains and all other fine finish coatings.”

Q2: Ok, can you spray latex with these tips?
Depends, it would have to be a Semi-Gloss or Gloss made from a fine grind of pigments, or latex clears and such. You are not going to be able to spray latex primer (with lots of junk fillers) with a Fine-Finish tip. We have not yet had time to do a good full test on these tips ourselves. But have heard from some users they are getting excellent results using Fine Finish tips spraying baseboards, crown molding, and other trim on new homes. (They were spraying high quality, acrylic latex gloss and semi-gloss paints; in particular a Coronado brand 90-1 and 80-1)

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