Separating Oil for all Piston Pumps 8 oz

Separating Oil for all Piston Pumps 8 oz

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Part # 0286793 or 0279922 or 314-480

For all makes including: Wagner, SprayTech, Graco, Amspray, Krebs, ASM, AccuSpray, Airlessco, Hero, Speedflo, Titan.

Lubricating the top packing/rod is a must for any piston pump if you want your packings/rod to last. You should squirt some every time in the throat of the piston pump before every use, and it is also recommended to squirt a bit in the same spot before storing.

Info from Label:

Reduces premature wear on Cylinders, Rods, and Upper Packings.

SprayTECH separating Oil is specially formulated to dissolve material on displacement rods and reduce premature wear on cylinders, rods and upper packings from dried pigment particles. It mixes readily with solvents or thinners, evaporates slowly and is flame resistant. Motor oil is not a substitute for Spraytech Separating oil.

Editor's Comments: Being a painting contractor for several years myself, I learned of ways to cut cost to save money and time. But one thing I never cut cost on was my piston oil; always used this same SprayTech oil. I used (and still own) an SprayTech EP2510 (large piston pump) pump for the big jobs and always squirted about 1/8 of an oz or so every morning into the top packings and once before storing also. Using proper lubrication (along with an excellent pump design) has allowed me to achieve over 1,500 gallons (50% of that being block-filler) on my pump on the same original set of factory packings. So you tell me, is it worth saving $3.00 to use Motor oil instead? I take SprayTech's view, buy the Piston Oil. However if you are in a pinch,, and no separating oil is available, the best substitute would be some lightweight non-detergent hydraulic oil.

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