Lock-On Paint Strainers, 4 Pack    GP-45604

Lock-On Paint Strainers, 4 Pack GP-45604

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Lock-On Paint Strainers, 4 Pack     GP-45604    


  • Locks onto the fluid/pickup tube of all major siphon&pressure feed HVLP&Conventional guns
    (Including the Wagner HVLP Conversion Gun and Max II Hvlp Gun.)
  • Prevents undissolved pigments from spoiling paint jobs.
  • Compatible with all paint coatings*

*Though technically compatible with all paint coatings, since these lock-on filters have such a "small surface area" GleemPaint only recommends them for fine finishes such as clears, stains, lacquers. If you use these with a latex pigmented paint, they will become clogged too quickly. For a more versatile filter (with a larger surface area) please see our Slip-On Paint Strainers. Or consider pre-straining your paint with our cone paint strainers. Lock on filter installed on pickup tube

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