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Wagner HVLP Conversion Gun  - click to enlarge

Wagner HVLP Conversion Gun

0276124Regular Price: $299.99SPECIAL: $197.50Quantity:

***See and this HVLP Conversion Gun featured in Evolution of Style

Contractor Series
New with One year warranty
Convert your air compressor to an HVLP sytem.

( Minimum 1-1/2 hp required )

In stock and ready to ship!
  • Works with 1 1/2 HP and Larger Compressors
  • 89% P.T.E. (product transfer efficiency)
  • Choose from 3 spay patterns via Click-in spray cap(round, vertical, horizontal patterns)
    HVLP Spray Pattern
  • Adjustable spray pattern sizes (from 1/4" all the way up to 12" patterns)HVLP Spray Pattern Size
  • Guided air cap for perfect pattern alignment
  • Two-stage trigger
  • Stainless steel needle and nozzle
  • Provides the finest atomization in the industry
  • NB non bleeder gun
  • Some Sites selling this gun for $250.00

Note you will need a compressor to use this gun!

How the NB Model Spray Gun Works

The NB is a specially designed Non-Bleeder HVLP spray gun. The unique design of the gun allows for totally controlled spraying without a large cloud of overspray. The spray pattern can be adjusted to allow the operator to spray with a tight round pattern of 1/4 of a inch all the way up to a wide spray pattern up to 12 inches.

Editor's Review :(long)
I tried one of these myself, and I have to say I really like this gun. I have used this same NB gun, without the conversion package (NBC), on my HVLP turbine for many years. I was finishing seven full size doors the other day and decided to take one of the conversion guns out to spray the clear lacquer. I used the conversion gun with a 2hp "pancake" compressor. It really impressed me. Sprayed nicely, nice pattern even though I really did not think it would spray as good on a compressor as well as on a turbine. But it did. The conversion gun did have about 5-10% more over spray compared to my turbine setup. There was still at least 50% less over spray than a normally conventional compressor gun. I used about 16-18 psi. (This is the setting before trigger is pulled, using gauge on the gun.) (have heard from other users it works well at as little as 6-8 psi also) It seems to be able to handle thicker coatings better than my turbine HVLP, due to its higher psi to the cup.
Updated Review: Used this gun with some water-based acrylic ( Coronado's Rust Scat )and was pleased with the results also. I sprayed two doors, and 60 feet of baseboard. Without having to thin the acrylic paint to spray the trim. This is not normal for painting with a hvlp gun, added plus for jobs were you need to spray thicker coatings. On the doors I still thinned about 10%, since I wanted a wet look - slick finish.

Compressor notes:
The little 2hp 6 gallon pancake compressor I used in my review did the job with this gun. I sprayed 9 solid wood doors in the review. I could go about 2-3 doors (one side) before I would have wait to let the compressor catch up. That little tank on the pancake compressor is a little small if you are going to be spraying constantly. (On the second updated acrylic paint review I was using a different compressor, it was a 4hp 20 gallon. It had no trouble at all, do not even remember the compressor kicking on while spraying.)
---end of Editor's review--

Customer's Comments on this Gun

(This is from a customer who bought the Wagner conversion gun from us.)
BTW, we (my son & I) *really* like the gun - what would have required in excess of a quart of media using our old conventional DeVilbi$$ gun only consumed around a pint or so using the Wagner with our lowly cheapo compressor!! Of course we couldn't get the 24"-32" fan pattern of the old DeVilbiss, but the material savings far outweigh the necessity for big fans since production really isn't an issue with us.

You may also add that it can be adjusted to shoot a small 1 & 1/2 inch fan with the same flow as a larger fan, which is great for small projects or tricky situations. What *really* impressed us was the negligible overspray from the gun compared to our old conventional Devilbiss. Now we don't have to mask so heavily (or not at all in some cases) and not have to deal with overspray clouds sticking to everything that's not covered - in addition to saving on media costs. We're very happy with the price/performance ratio for this unit.
-----end Customer comments--

F.A.Q. On this Gun:
Q. What pressure setting do you recommend?
A. The setting I use ( Which got these numbers from a local cabinet shop. ) is,
  • 40 psi at the Compressor
  • 15-18 psi at the Gun gauge ( Setting Before trigger is pulled ) Have also heard that it works well at even lower settings.
Q. Can this gun work with a pressure pot? A. Yes and we actually have some nice pots for sale on our site. Pressure Pot Section.

Want more info? Try this link to the Gun Manual
Still more info? Try this link Low overspray review.

We have these guns on hand!
Gleem highly recommends this gun for wood-workers, professional painters, home owners, and cabinet shops.

Customer Feedback/Reviews On this Item:
--------------------------------------------------- From: Drew of Scottsdale, AZ
Hello Gleem Paint,

I wanted to let you know that the Wagner HVLP Conversion Gun with the #4 tip works perfectly with latex paints. For small jobs (doors & molding) using a small pancake compressor, this gun is "the right tool for the job"!

Thank you for your recommendation, knowledge and good services.

To confirm, you are exactly correct; 40psi at compressor and 18psi at gun is dead on!


--------------------------------------------------- From: Thomas of Brunswick, OH
Rating: Excellent
Title:No Surprises

Body:I ordered a Wagner HVLP conversion gun from The order went exactly how the website presented it. I got a confirmation e-mail and a UPS tracking number by e-mail. The product was well packaged, recieved in excellent shape and on time. The price was cometitive also. In short, they did what they said they would do. I dont know what more I could expect from them. It is hard to rate customer service when there is no need to use it.

------------------------------------------------ From: Jeff of Lexington, KY

Dear GleemPaint,

I just want to thank you for taking the time to discuss my painting project and recommending the Wagnor HVLP conversion gun. I was able to use my existing compressor and with your advice and very little practice I was able to produce a professional finish that in my opinion would not be as fine or quick if applied by hand. Ive would never have dreamed that a heavy oil based primer and top coat could been sprayed with such a smooth finish. The quality of the Wagnor gun and your level of professional service has saved me thousands of dollars. Everyone in your organization including the person who answers the phone delivers the highest level of service.

Thank you again,


------------------------------------------------ From: John of Pensacola, FL

Hi Nathan,

You asked that I post you on how the HVLP gun worked with the boat bottom paint job. I received the HVLP conversion gun (new) with the #5 projector. As you may recall I was using Pettit SP which is 60% cupreous oxide and weighs nearly 30# per gallon, so its viscosity is quite thick. I thinned it about 5%, though in retrospect I probably didn't have to. After playing around with the air and fluid controls, I got the right combination, and it worked beautifully. I ended up with 13 psi air pressure on the spray gun gage using a large compressor with 150 psi output.

My boat is a 28' Bertram Fly Bridge Cruiser with 11 1/2 ft beam. I had to tape and hand paint the water line which was no big deal, but after I did that, I was able to paint the entire bottom in about 30 minutes including trim tabs, struts, etc. etc. It took about the same volume as it did when I used to paint it with a brush - 3 quarts per coat. I put on 2 coats.

I don't know why I didn't do this years ago. It was a cake walk. The overspray was almost non existent. I followed the instructions on the cleanup which was a snap. However, the clean up instructions made no mention of the little plastic gadget inside the black plastic connector in series with the clear plastic tubing between the paint can and the gun. The black connector screws together with the tubing connecting to both sides. After cleanup per the instructions, I disassembled the gun and found this little plastic piece about 3/8" in diameter with a small stem a little over 1/4" long that was all covered with paint, so I had to clean this separately. Is this some kind of filter or something? I could not determine its purpose from examination. (Gleemís Comments: This is what is referred to as the check valve, this valve allows air to pass from the body of the gun to pressurize the cup. Which therefore pushes paint up the intake tube. The valve is designed to let air in but keep paint from getting up in the gun body. The valve will need periodic cleaning, especially if you set it on the ground and accidentally knock the gun over. Or you can simply replace the valve. We sell the complete assembly with the clear tubes in a three pack at this link: Check Valve Kit.)

In any event, if you ever get any future inquiries regarding the used of a spray gun with boat bottom pain, the HVLP with the #5 projector is the answer.

Thanks a lot for all your counsel.

Warmest regards. John, Pensacola, FL

------------------------------------------------ From: Benjamin from San Jose, CA

Gleem Paint,

Thanks for the information on the Wagner HVLP Conversion sprayer. Your article was very accurate and helped a lot on the purchase of the sprayer. The Wagner HVLP sprayer works excellent. It exceeded my expectations in terms of the quality of the spray. Very impressed.

I do have one more question. Is it possible to spray car paints? Laquers? Varnishes?
---Gleemís Comments: Yes, this gun will spray lacquers and varnishes. That is the primary application we sell the gun for. For as car paints, it will spray car paints also. We have sprayed products like PPGís aliphatic urethane Pitthane Ultra with extremely good results.{Pitthane Ultra is not a true automotive paint, but an industrial product based off their automotive division, commonly used for painting topside of boats.} And have even sprayed some true PPG automotive base coat/ clear coat on small projects with very good results. But a lot of guys who spray automotive for a living prefer the gravity guns. This is due to the gravity guns will get every last drop of paint from the cup; which when your paying $100 a qrt for some materials you can see the reason for concern. However we actually donít care for the gravity guns, they simple can not handle the thicker materials that the pressure feed Wagner conversion gun can.) ---end Gleemís comments.

Thanks for the time and reply, Benjamin Lee

------------------------------------------------ From: Mike of Corte Madera, CA

Rating: Excellent
Order was shipped within an hour. Got good technical advice from a phone call too.

------------------------------------------------ From: Gary of LeGrand, CA

Rating: Excellent
I was very satisfied with the whole process. They offered a good product at a good price. The ordering and shipping were fine. The item arrived the exact day they indicated. Ill order from them again in the future.

------------------------------------------------ From: Arra of Windham, NH

After years my spray gun is still working great, use it almost daily. Have never had to clean it -- it runs lacquer full time.

------------------------------------------------ From: Richard from Rodchester Hills, MI

Just a line line to tell you how happy I am with my purchase of the HVLP Wagner. Great Sprayer !!!!!!!!

------------------------------------------------ From: JR of Littleton, MA

THhnks for the quick and informative email. I found out the fluid adjustment, #40 on diagram was turned 3/4 of the way out. I cranked it back in and got the 6 psi that I needed on the gauge. I did the tests in your instructions and got the 9-10 psi needed when compressor was at 45 psi. The best spray I got was when I adjusted the air flow control to 6psi and left it. Worked great. Didn't have as much build up on the nozzle as before. I was doing 3/4 x 1 1/8 base cap with little or no overspray. I've used it nonstop for 6 days straight. This is one of the best tools I've gotten in quite a while. I compare it to the cordless drill.
Thanks again JR xxxxxxxxx

--------------------------------------------------- From: Christopher of Memphis, TN
Some time ago I purchased a Wagner HVLP Conversion Gun from you. I have been meaning to send some comments on it for a while now. So here they are!

I have used this gun occasionally now for some time. It has preformed quite well and I have had no issues with using it. Adjustment is straightforward and it does not tax my compressor (4 HP/25 GAL) at all. I have used it mostly to spray latex paints. I received the best results by thinning the paint about 5-10% by volume and keeping the pressure at about 25-35 PSI on average. All-n-all I think it's a good gun that's offered at an excellent price.


--------------------------------------------------- From: Eric of Chatsworth, CA
I wanted to spray latex with an airless gun run off my compressor and everyone seems to say that it can't be done without major thinning. I tried one of $40 guns from China-unless you thin paint 20% it will not happen, even with a 2.0 nozzle!! Gleem to the rescue, the Wagner HVLP gun! Ordered it very late on Thursday, you shipped it Friday via 2 day air and Fed EX delivered Monday morning. I did get the #4 kit so I put in the 1.8 nozzle, and with a shot glass of Floetrol in a quart of Behr latex primer, I was spraying the underside of a second story deck like a pro in a hour! And I have zero experience spray painting! Your on-line info and customer comments a big help, as Wagner provides little info in their manual! Fair price, fast service, good product info- what more can you ask from a company!
Chatsworth, Ca

--------------------------------------------------- From: Tom of Montville, NJ
Hereís my feedback:

Several weeks ago I was finally arm wrestled into agreeing to repaint the 24 window shutters on the house. Iíve owned a compressor for some time and had considered an HVLP system. After visiting Gleemís site and reading the feedback on the Wagner HVLP Conversion Gun, I decided to give it a try.

What a great decision! The site had all the info I needed for pressure settings and the gun worked like a charm right out of the box. I added some Floetrol to both the primer and then the paint and they went on easily without anything close to a run, while still providing good coverage. I spent more time on setting up a spraying booth and getting everything ready than I did actually painting. I should also mention that Iíve never used any type of spray gun before.

One other note that might help other neophytesÖÖÖI was a good way through the primer when I noticed that there is a fixed loop on top of the gun so you can hang it from a hook in the vertical position. I kept removing the hose and setting the gun down to change out the shutters. But I put a hook in place for the finish coat and it made things even more simple.

Now I have to find more projects to make use of the gun!!

Tom xxxxxxxxx

Symphony Sales & Marketing

------------------------------------------------ From: Everett of East Greenwich, RI

Thanks for your advice and also for shipping so quickly on short notice. The Wagner HVLP conversion gun came in today by FED-X right on time. It required no setup whatsoever; all I did was thin my Shellac, strain in, and pour it into the cup. I didnít even have to run out and buy a quick disconnect air nipple as it was already on the gun! Iíve been spraying all day with my 2HP ďscuba tankĒ compressor and it keeps up nicely. The finish is great. I switched off to water base clear acrylic and thinned it according to manufacturerís instruction. It went on with no problems. I finished the desk all in the same day and will deliver it tomorrow. As you know from our previous emails, I donít have any experience with spraying, but it came out so good I canít wait to see what I can do when Iíve mastered it.

One piece of advice to anyone who buys a spray gun: Get the wrench as you will have to clean your needle after every batch. The wrench is very handy!![Note from Gleem: Actually you should rarely need to clean the needle, we suspect Everett needs to tighten his packing nut just a tad.]

Thanks again,

Everett xxxxxx

--------------------------------------------------- From: Dave of Flower Mound, TX

Thanks, the Wagner HVLP conversion gun I got from you folks a couple of weeks ago has already paid for itself. Fine tool.
You are the best

--------------------------------------------------- From: William of Long Beach CA
Rating: Excellent

I purchased a Wagner HVLP Conversion from GleemPaint. The price and ease of ordering was great! Id order from them again.

Wagner HVLP Conversion Gun

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