Inline Gun Swivel

Inline Gun Swivel

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This 1/4"female X 1/4"male Inline Live Swivel will fit any Airless Gun on the market!

Also works as a live swivel where the airless hose connects to the airless pump.

Though fits any airless gun on the market; we mainly sell this Inline Swivel for use on the GX07 and GX06 guns that Wagner uses on the 9150/1620, 9170/1720 DSP/Apex pumps. When used at the gun handle, this live swivel greatly reduces stress on you wrist. 
When installed where the airless hose connects to the pump/sprayer this inline swivel makes it easier to roll up the hose at the end of the day; and reduces kinks during spraying. (Very handy when using 50ft or longer hoses.)

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