Connector, Swivel (NON Live), 3/8" (Female) X 1/4" (Male)

Connector, Swivel (NON Live), 3/8" (Female) X 1/4" (Male)

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Rated for High Pressure - up to 5000 Psi Max

Common use for this fitting is to connect a standard 1/4" airless hose to a larger airless that has 3/8" outlets.

NON Live Swivel Definition: (This connector is Non live) Will only swivel/spin while not connected to a fitting. (Example: The ends on most 25ft & 50ft airless sprayer hoses are "non live" swivels.)

Live Swivel Definition: Will swivel even after connected to a fitting. (Example: A G10 airless gun has a "Live Swivel".)

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