Capspray Maxum Elite Projector Sets

Capspray Maxum Elite Projector Sets

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Capspray Maxum Elite Projector Set 

Projector Set Size Use
#2 - 0524293 .031" (.08mm) Fine Finish (Stains, Sealers, Lacquers)
#3 - 0524294 .051" (1.3mm) All Purpose (with thinning)
#4 - 0524295 .070" (1.8mm) Oil/ Oil-Based
#5 - 0524296 .086" (2.2mm) Latex
#6 - 0524297 .097" (2.6mm) Latex


The best practice is using page 10 of the Owner's Manual to thin and choose the appropriate projector set. You'll notice, however, that sizes 2 and 6 aren't even listed on that page. Size #2 is useful for more control over very thin materials and size 6 will allow you to spray thicker materials, like latex paints, with less thinning. Projector Sets #3, #4, and #5 are more versatile with proper material thinning.

These projector sets are for the Maxum Eilte Gun. They feature the same Air Cap and the same Nozzle as the Maxum II Gun, but the needle is different.

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