Angle Head for Tip Extensions 180°

Angle Head for Tip Extensions 180°

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High quality Swivel/Angle-Head for any tip extensions such as the Tip Extensions We Sell Here.

Also works with Wagner/SprayTech 6", 12", and 24" extensions (Works even if the extension did not have a swivel originally), but will NOT work with Wagner/SprayTech 3ft and 6ft extensions.

Installation Instructions :
Please note the following pictures show an extension with tip base, these are shown for reference only, the extension and tip base are not included with the angle-head.
    1. Airless Tip Extensions Sizes
      Remove Tip base/guard and underlying 7/8” fitting. (Use a 7/16” and 7/8” open face wrench; or two adjustable crescent wrenches. The 7/8” fitting comes off with very little force.)

    1. Airless Tip Extensions Sizes
      Screw the Swivel/Angle-Head onto the exposed threads. (Hand tight + ½ turn or so.)

  1. Airless Tip Extensions Sizes
    Screw tip base/guard onto the newly installed Swivel/Angle-Head.

Airless Tip Extensions Sizes
Close up shot showing how the swivel/angle-head rotates. (Rotates 90 degrees in either direction, making a 180 degree swivel)

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