Airless Pressure Gauge 0-5800 psi

Airless Pressure Gauge 0-5800 psi

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    • Reads from 0-5000 psi.
    • Made by SprayTech
    • 1/4" Female on one end. 1/4" Male on other end
      Can be installed at the pump, or at the gun.
Applications :
  • If you work on airless sprayers, this is a must have tool. We use one at our shop to test to see if the sprayer is building up full pressure, and or maintaining good pressure.

  • When spraying Multicolor paints with an airless, this is a must have tool. You can not touch up Multicolor, unless you use the same pressure as used when it was originally applied. (Same size tip also)

  • Spraying light viscosity coatings in a cabinet shop or such. Cabinet shops sometimes use airless, though normally they use HVLP, but when they do use airless it is usually preferred to spray at the same PSI every time to help the applicator maintain a consistent result

  • Airless Pressure Gauge 0-5800 psi

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