Titan XT290 Airless Sprayer

Titan XT290 Airless Sprayer

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The XT line is identical to the XL line and both are no longer being manufactured, and we hate to see them go because of how long lasting and powerful these units are. The current comparable sprayer manufactured by Titan is the ControlMax 1700 Pro
The Titan XT line was designed for paint contractors, handymen, property managers and homeowners who need reliable, high quality equipment at an affordable price. This well-trusted sprayer line is perfect for a serious do-it-yourselfers handling several spray jobs a year. These sprayers are referred to as "entry level contractor" sprayers. Their double stroke piston pump allows for higher pressures than other paint sprayers which helps prevent poor atomization and contributes to an overall more quality product. Titan XT sprayers are built to handle over 200 gallons of paint before needing repairs. 

Titan XT290 Details:
  • 5/8 HP DC motor [runs off 15 amp household current}
  • Double Stroke Piston Pump
  • XT-05 Airless Spay Gun
  • Medium Mesh (Yellow) Inline Gun Filter
  • Cart model with Wheels and Collapsible Cart for easy storage and transport
  • Draws paint from a one and 5 gallon can
  • Pail Hook, allows you to tilt the cart back and lift/carry a 5 gallon pail.
  • 25' of hose (Can be upgrades to 50' hose in the drop down box)
  • .33 GPM
  • 415 reversible tip
  • .017” Max tip
  • 3000 PSI
  • Latex, Lacquer, Enamel and Oil Based Spraying

Titan XT290 Features:

Collapsible Cart - Makes for
easy storage and transport.

Quick-Check Power Cord- Lighted electrical cord lets you know instantly whether you have power.

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