Titan ED655 Plus Airless Sprayer

Titan ED655 Plus Airless Sprayer

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High Performance Airless Piston Paint Sprayer
Brand NEW
With THREE YEAR Titan Manufacturer's Defect Warranty .

(Call Titan @ 1-800-292-4637 to get full details on the warranty.) 
(Parts and Labor warranty, available at any Titan service center, over 500 in the US) 

Titan ED655 Owner's Manual

Titan ED655 Details:
  • 1/2 HP TEFC Motor
  • Easy-Flow prime valve and outlet pusher valve
  • Easy carry handle and stand mount
  • Comes with Titan RX-80 Gun
  • Comes with FF412 tip (Fine Finish tip)
  • 1/4" x 50' hose
  • 3/16" x 3' Whip Hose
  • Fluid Pressure 100-2800 PSI
  • Max. Air Pressure 35 PSI
  • Max. Tip Size .017"
  • Max. Delivery .35 GPM
  • Weight Only 27lbs

From Titan:
There will always be those minor - but still important and profitable projects where most sprayers are either too big or too powerful. For those jobs you need the compact, lightweight, dedicated finishing system that's easy to use, easy to transport and, most importantly, DEPENDABLE. For those projects and the contractors who tackle them, we designed the Titan ED655 Plus.

From Gleem:
This is a tried-and-true, lightweight, diaphragm-driven, smooth-running workhorse. It is truly the contractor's friend. It is setup with heavy duty parts and seals to handle hotter materials such as lacquer. Many contractors dedicate this machine to lacquer projects and fine finishing jobs.

We even have cabinet shop owners that use these machines exclusively to spray their lacquers and clears!

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