Piston Repair Kit 90-115 watt 13/1500-2600 psi

Piston Repair Kit 90-115 watt 13/1500-2600 psi

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Includes :
  • 1x 0199903 Piston
  • 1x 0016101 Spring
  • 2x 0272116 Atomizer Valves

F.A.Q.: How do you know when the piston and spring need to be replaced?
The average life of a piston and spring will vary depending on the how coarse the material being sprayed. For example flat paints have more sand/fillers in them thus would wear out a piston much quicker than gloss paints would.
We generally see them last from 5 to 15 gallons.

Wagner recommends replacing the piston & spring if the sprayer takes longer than 15 seconds to prime when well lubricated, or if there is an excess amount of material leaking.

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