Hopper Assembly 0288144 (Complete)

Hopper Assembly 0288144 (Complete)

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This Hopper assembly includes all items shown in picture above. Items 1 through 6, (Item 7 is the complete hopper assembly)

This assembly is also referred to as 0279971 in some owner’s manuals. The hopper will hold 6 liters of material (1.6 gallons)

This hopper assembly will replace all of the "black" 6 liter hoppers on older and new units.

Examples: 425, 500, W500, 525, 650, 655, ED655, AirCoat

Q. Will it fit the 404+, 3566, or 435?

You could simply change the 3/4" water hose threaded inlet valve on your 404+/3566/435 to the 0278219 Inlet Valve.

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