G-10XL, G-12XL, GX08 Silver, Gun Repair Kit

G-10XL, G-12XL, GX08 Silver, Gun Repair Kit

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Wagner/SprayTech Part 0296294 Includes:
  • 1x Valve spring unit assy and ball holder. (Item#4&5 below)
  • 1x Diffuser, 7/8" G thread. (Item#7 below)
  • 1x Lock Nut (Item#10 below)
Includes items: 4, 5, 7, and 10 as shown in breakdown below.
Basically all the parts you need to rebuild your gun, the kits are easy in install (well as long as your gun is clean). Instructions come with the kit, and we have them posted as follows:

De-assembly Notes:
  1. Unscrew the spray tip
  2. Lock gun in the on position. Loosen the diffuser slightly with a wrench. Do not remove the diffuser at this point.
  3. Unlock the gun. Unscrew the nut with a wrench and remove the retainer block.
  4. Remove the sliding pins with care and store them in a safe place so they will not be lost.
  5. Remove the diffuser with a wrench.
  6. Drive the valve union assembly forward from the back of the retainer block. Use the handle of a wooden hammer or similar soft tool to avoid damaging the valve union assembly.

Assembly Notes
  1. Grease the packing (white plastic seal) of the new valve spring unit and slide it into the gun under enough pressure to bring it all the way to the stop. Take care not to damage the carbide valve ball or bend the valve spring unit shaft.
  2. Put the slide pins back into the gun, then fit the retaining block to back of the gun. Tighten the locknut.
  3. Lock the gun safety in the ON position. Screw in the diffuser and tighten to ensure a good seal. Unlock the gun safety. (if you do not have the trigger locked to on, or pulled back when putting the diffuser on, you risk scoring the ball)
  4. Unlock the gun. Adjust the locknut until there is approximately 1mm (.04") of play in the retainer block when the gun is closed.

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