ASM Airless Spray Gun # 300, with 517 tip

ASM Airless Spray Gun # 300, with 517 tip

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ASM-248237 ASM-248238

Brand New w/One year ASM warranty.

  • (Gleem Paint is an authorized ASM service center)

    • Built in Gun Swivel
      This is a Very handy feature!
    • 4 Finger Model -or- 2 Finger Model
      (Pick which trigger style using the drop down box)
    • Ergonomically Designed for User Comfort
    • Comes with one 517 reversible tip
    • Light Weight and Compact
      The bulky heavier spray guns tire you out faster, so this is a nice feature.
    • Safe Internal Trigger Lock
    • Plated Steel G (7/8") Tread Diffuser
    • Split Handle for Easy Filter Removal
    • Teflon Seals for Longer Life
    • Inline Filter in Gun Handle
      Filter included is a White-Medium mesh
    • 3600 psi Rating
    • One year Limited Warranty
    • Hand Tight Universal-Tip Base
      The universal tip base will accept all current major brands* of reversible tips on the market, including: Wagner, SprayTech XL&RC, Graco Rac IV & V (*will not accept Rac X), Titan, and of course ASM Uni-tips.
    • Natural Aluminum Finish
    • ASM List Price $166.00
    Gleem's Info:This 300 model gun is lightweight, has a nice feel in the hand, and has a built in swivel. It makes an excellent consumer gun and a decent light commercial gun. We have always liked the 300 gun, however we now have a better choice and are recommending customers consider the ASM 500 Contractor Gun

    How does this gun compare to Wagner's guns?
    We would rate it in between a GX-08 and GX-07 gun.

    F.A.Q. on this gun:
    Q: Will this gun work with a Wagner 505?
    A: Yes, this ASM 300 (and any other airless spray gun we sell) will work with a 505. However Note: You can not put a bigger tip (.0XX") size than the max tip rating for any given pump. Which this gun comes with a 517 (.017”) tip, which the max tip a 505 can handle is a .015” tip; therefore you would need to pick or purchase a smaller tip (like a 413 or 415) to work with a 505 sprayer. For more info on tip numbers, click this link for our guide on tip sizes: Understanding Airless Spray Tip Sizes

    Q: What’s the difference in this 300 gun vs the ASM 500 Contractor gun?
    A: 1) The 500 has 20% less trigger pull. 2) The 500 internal wear parts last up to 25% LONGER in factory controlled testing! In fact the 500 is so much better than the 300 that ASM is considering to discontinuing the 300 model. (We will update our site if/when this ever happens.) Those facts being said, we highly recommend purchasing the 500 gun over the 300 gun, but plan to offer both until the 300 is officially dropped.

    This is a quality, rebuild-able gun (not a cheap gun that you must throw away when worn), you can find parts at this link: Asm 300 & 400 Gun Parts

    This 300 spray gun comes with a 517 reversible tip. If you want to purchase additional tips with this gun you could order them here.

    This gun includes a white/medium filter in the gun handle, additional filters are located at this link: Gun filters
    (same filter as all the other Wagner/SprayTech guns take)

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