Airlessco SP340 Highboy

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SP340 Highboy

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What Is It?

Manufactured by Graco, the SP340 is a high-boy electric airless sprayer from Airlessco. Upright and on wheels, it features:

  • 3000 PSI Max Pressure
  • .34 Gallons per Minute
  • .017" Max Tip Size
  • Quick Repair Pump
  • InstaClean Pump Filters
  • 1/4" fluid outlet
  • 35.5 lbs.
  • 50 foot hose
  • Prolight 500 4 Finger Spray Gun
  • 515 Reversible Tip
  • 1 Year Standard Warranty
  • Pump Storage Fluid

It sprays acrylic paint, oil paint, lacquer and stains, just make sure you match your material with the appropriate tip!

Designed Use:

The SP340 is the best piston powered value on the market today. It's powerful enough for residential contractors to rely on spraying 15 or more gallons a week while still being economical enough to warrant serious consumer consideration. Perfect for moderate sized projects or periodic large projects, manufacturer recommends the SP340 for spraying 300 gallons a year. We also like the fact that the pump is easily rebuildable for future value, as well as having cheaper filters, guns, and spray tips than comparable sprayers.

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