2-Quart Remote Pressure Pot Kit, for Turbines 0524203

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0524203 or 524203

Professional HVLP Spraying Upgrade

With this Titan Pressure Pot Kit, you don't need to worry about check valves or gun orientation. Spray upside down, sideways or tilted in anyway. Perfect for spraying bathtubs, furniture, automotive or any awkward angles. Spray twice as much, twice as fast, with twice the material in the 2 Quart Pot.

Base Kit Includes:

  • 1x 2qrt Pressure Pot Assembly
  • 1x 5ft Fluid Hose
  • 1x 0275625 Quick-Disconnect Coupler
  • 3x Pressure Port Caps
  • 3x Spare Valve Membranes
  • 3x Straps

You can add a 5 Ft Turbine Whip Hose by selecting the kit from the drop down box above. 

This base kit is designed for the Capspray 105 and 115, which already come with a 5' Turbine Whip Hose. Please note that the base kit does not come with the turbine hose as shown in the picture. If you need a turbine hose, you may choose to upgrade the kit or purchase one separately here. 

From Gleem: This kit has everything you need to add 2-qrt remote cup capacity to your HVLP system. You do NOT need a separate compressor to pressurize the 2qrt cup! (This is the key feature of this kit) The turbine's PSI will be utilized to pressurize the remote cup.

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Billy Hamilton

i have not used or set it up yet.

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