Wagner Airless Tip Sale

Wagner Airless Tip Sale

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Special - New Tips at only $13.95. Every other new tip will cost upwards of $23. Most of the time, the tip wears out from spraying faster that the seal and saddle. These tips are the most common sizes for high volumes of paint like the 515, 517 and 621. 

These are Brand New reversible airless spray tips by Wagner that fit Titan, Wagner, Spraytech, etc.*
There are limited tip sizes available at this discount price. Please check the drop-down menu when selecting a tip. These tips DO NOT come with a free seal and saddle for your base guard as other tips on our site. If you need a seal and saddle please Click Here

If you are purchasing a tip as part of a VGX gun deal, you do no need a seal and saddle as the gun already comes with one.

If you need other tip sizes please Click Here

Package says "Interchangeable with all major brands." These brands would include: Wagner, SprayTech, Titan, Amspray, Krebs, Graco (will not fit the Blue Rac X tip bases), and Campbell-Hausfeld.. The only exception to this interchangeable rule is old Titan, Campbell-Hausfeld, and Wagner tip bases that were manufactured in 2000 or prior. Back then the manufacturers all used different tip bases that were not interchangeable. (FYI: It’s a common misconception that you need a "spray tip" to fit your "spray gun". Not correct. You need a "spray tip" that fits your "tip base/guard", not the gun. It is the "tip base/guard" that holds the "spray tip", not the "spray gun".) If you have older tip bases (let’s just say over 8 years old) and you’re not sure if these tips will fit; the simple answer is to order a new tip base. Our SprayTech tip bases/guards are completely interchangeable with all airless guns, regardless of what year the gun was made.

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Troy Metzger
Thanks for having the right part at an exceptional price.

I searched all over, and Gleem the the best price by far.

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