Wagner Hvlp Conversion Gun w/ 2.5 gallon Pressure Pot    GP-2G-HVLP-Asy

Wagner Hvlp Conversion Gun w/ 2.5 gallon Pressure Pot GP-2G-HVLP-Asy

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Wagner Hvlp Conversion Gun w/ 2.5 gallon Pressure Pot


Includes all you see in picture.
The System consist of:

Setup it complete, and has all you need to start spraying except for a compressor (and an air hose from your compressor to the pot). The gun is the same high quality Wagner HVLP conversion gun well sell on our site, with the cup removed and the air valve plugged for use with pressure pot. The pot is the newer 2.5 gallon pot with high flow regulators. 2 1/2 Gallon Pot SetupSetup is simple, all you have to do is connect the air and fluid hoses to the gun and pot. Screw on the wheels to the bottom of the pot, and screw on the provided female universal quick connect coupler to your existing air hose. (Universal coupler is included to allow the use of the High Flow quick connect installed on the pot)

Recommend pressure settings :

  • Compressor Gauge: 40-60 psi
  • Pot regulator: 8-15 psi (this pressure pushes the paint up to the gun via the fluid hose)
  • Gun air regulator: 10-20 psi (this pressure atomizes the paint)

  • Compressor recommendation :
    We like to recommend a 2hp 12 gallon set up (or larger) for this setup. You could get by with a smaller tank (even SprayTech uses a small 2HP 4gallon tank on their CS1000 setup) but would recommend a 3 HP with the smaller 4 gallon tanks. (So that the motor will refill the tank faster.) For as particular compressor we like. We found the Porter Cable CPF23400s (3hp, 4gallon {Twin 2gallons}, rated at 5.3 SCFM at 90 PSI) does very well. Even with the small tank on the Porter Cable, it did excellent due to its fast replenish times.

    Customer Feedback

    From: Dunkin
    I purchased the Wagner HVLP conversion gun and paint pot setup for use in my woodworking shop.. WOW... great setup!! I spray pre cat and catalyzed varnish, varnish, stain, laquer, and shellac with GREAT results on my furniture. Nice laydown and infinite control. Bought this with the 1 quart can and the pot for versatility and that works very well also. Went with the clear hose and that makes cleanup nice also. I would recommend this setup to any woodworker. I received everything , exactly as I ordered it and in a very timely manner. Thanks



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