Wagner SMART Sidekick Power Roller

Wagner SMART Sidekick Power Roller

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No More Painting From a Tray!

The SMART SideKick multi-room powered roller is ideal for large or multi-room projects.
Wagner's innovative direct-feed roller system pulls paint directly from the container to continuously feed the paint roller for productive drip-free, non-stop painting.

You will complete your project FASTER with the SMART SideKick!

    • Direct-feed delivery eliminates the tray

    • Innovative Click-Attach Arm fits all paint containers from one to five gallons

    • Extension connection handle accepts common threaded extension poles to reach high walls and ceilings

    • Easy clean-up in about 10 minutes

    • Auto-Feed Control provides continuous paint flow on-demand for fast, even coverage

    • Quick-Release Handle easily attaches rollers and accessories to the SideKick

  • Use with oil and latex based coatings

From Gleem:

We have used these Wagner power rollers for years. They are very convenient for medium to large DIY projects. Basically, if the project is large enough that dipping and redipping your roller for paint will grow tiresome, then this little tool will be a lifesaver. You not only paint the room faster, it is much less frustrating.

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