Wagner Power-Tex, All In One Powered Texture Spayer     0520000

Wagner Power-Tex, All In One Powered Texture Spayer 0520000

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Wagner Power-Tex, All In One Powered Texture Spayer     0520000  

  • Features :

      • Powerful Air Turbine 
        No compressor needed!
      • 1 Gallon Adjustable Hopper, adjust for walls or ceilings
      • Choose from 3 Spray Nozzles for desired effects
      • Variable Flow Trigger
      • Comfort Arm Rest
      • 3 Point Stand simplifies hopper filling
      • Lock-N-Go Technology
        Makes it easy to remove air turbine before cleanup
    Power-Tex Cleaning
    • Runs off regular household current (120 Volt, 3.7x Amps, 60 Hertz )

    Sprays :

    • Standard Texture Mix
    • Aggregated Texture
    • Un-aggregated Texture
    • Diluted Joint Compound

    Boxed Weight/Size: 5.7 Lbs - 13 x 9.5 x 12 Inch

    Applications :

    PowerTex Textures
    • Acoustical Popcorn
    • Knock-Down
    • Orange Peel
    • And more!
    • New! Video Showcase featuring the Wagner Power Tex All in one Texture Sprayer:

      To see the video, click the link that best describes your internet speed.
      Wagner Power Tex Video High Speed Video (Cable, DSL)

      Wagner Power Tex Video Low Speed Low Speed Video (56k Dial -up)

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      However, if you need to download the player, click the button below.

      Download Windows Media Player

      More Information From Wagner :
      The new Wagner Power Tex texture sprayer features a built in air turbine with more than enough power to spray texture to the whole ceiling yet with the simplicity to make it perfect for small touch up jobs. No need for a separate air compressor and long air hoses. Simply fill the hopper, plug into a standard 15 amp wall socket and spray. POWER TEX sprays the same material the pros use to achieve the look you want. And with Lock-N-Go Technology, set-up and clean up are fast and easy with no tools required.

      Power Tex included 3 nozzles to achieve the desired look of Popcorn, Knockdown or Orange Peel texture finishes. And the 2-position hopper can be configured for spraying walls or ceilings without the use of adapters. Power Texture in Action

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