Wagner Paint-Eater (New) with Extra Disc!     0513040Q

Wagner Paint-Eater (New) with Extra Disc! 0513040Q

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Wagner Paint-Eater (New) with Extra Disc!     0513040Q

Item Includes :

  • 1 Year Home use warranty. 
    (If used commercially the warranty applies for 30 days)
  • 1 PaintEater with disc/pad installed
  • Bonus= 1 Extra disc/pad! (Total of two dics/pads)
    Additional disc/pads available at this link: 0513041 Disc.
  • Owners Manual Included, or available at this link: Paint Eater Wagner Owner's ManualOwner's Manual

    From Wagner
    Wagner PaintEater, aggressive on paint, gentle on siding and trim!

    The newest Power Prep tool - efficiently removes peeling paint from siding and trim as well as concrete block and masonry. The PainEater delivers professional results with amazing speed and ease

    Specifications :
  • Multiple, soft-grip covered two-hand and one hand operating positions
  • Shroud to protect hands from rotating disk
  • Arbor lock to easily change disks without tools
  • Velcro strap for secure hand position and ladder work
  • Amps: 3.2
  • Volts: Regular household 120V
  • RPM: 2000
  • Disc Size: 4.5 inches
    New! Video Showcase featuring the Wagner Paint-Eater in action:

    To see the video, click the link that best describes your internet speed.
    Wagner Power Tex Video High Speed Video (Cable, DSL)

    Wagner Power Tex Video Low Speed Low Speed Video (56k Dial -up)

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