Apex-DSP Suction Set, Metal-Flex 0516198

Apex-DSP Suction Set, Metal-Flex 0516198

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Suction Set, Metal-Flex 0516198

Option Description : The Kit A optional water hose wash-out adapter that will allow you to hook this suction set up directly to a water hose for clean-up of waterborne paints.

Water hose wash out close up

Fits the Following Pumps
Wagner Amspray SprayTech Apex Pro Force Krebs
9150/9146 1500/1550 1620 PF25 K3017
9170 1700 1720 PF33 K4019
9190 1900 1920    
9210 2100 2120    

This is a new optional upgrade suction set for basically all the upright cart DSP-Apex Wagner/SprayTech/Amspray sprayers. See the full list of units it fits above.

  • Flexible intake tubing makes it easier to insert the suction set into a 5-gallon

  • Metal Threaded Nut resist stripping. (Plastic outer housing.)
  • Metal Meshed intake filter helps keep the trash out and last longer than the plastic filters.
  • Optional (Pick "KitA" [+$2.00 Extra] for this option.) 0515146 Water-hose wash-out adapter cuts clean-up time of waterborne coatings.
Note: Does NOT include the return hose or clips.

Gleem's Comments : This new (as of 11/2007) Strait Metal/Flex suction set replaces obsolete/discontinued 0516278 version. This newer 0516198 version is completely interchangable with old version as for pumps; however this newer 0516198 version uses a different filter.

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