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XL-1 Reversible Spray Tip, 2-Pack of 515 - click to enlarge

XL-1 Reversible Spray Tip, 2-Pack of 515


Note: SOLD OUT of these items. (With no more expected.)

Please see the following link to see our current stock:Airless Spray Tips.

TWO tips per pack!

F.A.Q. on these tips:
Q: Will these tips fit the XXX sprayer on your web page?
A: Yes, these Spraytech XL-l tips will fit the tip base on all the airless sprayers we sell. However Note: You can not put a bigger tip (.0XX") size than the max tip rating for any given pump. For more info on tip numbers, click this link for our guide on tip sizes: Understanding Airless Spray Tip Sizes

Tip Holder on airless spray gun Includes:
  • 2x 515 SprayTech XL-1 Reversible Spray Tips
  • Bonus Item: 1x Tip Holder
    Tip Holder (Tip holder clips to most airless gun's trigger guard and holds two tips.)

  • Made from the finest tungsten-carbide available
  • Each tip is individually tested so you can be confident you are getting the finest tip available
  • Interchangeable with all major brands*

*Interchangeable Note:
"Interchangeable with all major brands" These major brands would include: Wagner, SprayTech, Amspray, Krebs, Graco (will not fit the newer blue Rac X tip bases), Titan, and Campbell-Hausfeld.. The only exception to this interchangeable rule is old Titian, Campbell-Hausfeld, and Wagner tip bases that was manufactured in the year 2000 or prior. Back in those days the manufactures all used different tip bases that were not interchangeable. (FYI: Itís a common misconception that you need a "spray tip" to fit your "spray gun"; not correct, you need a "spray tip" that fits your "tip base/guard" not the gun. It is the "tip base/guard" that holds the "spray tip", not the "spray gun".) If you have an older tip bases (letís just say over 4 years old) and youíre not sure if these tips will fit; the simple answer is to order a new tip base. Our SprayTech tip bases/guards are completely interchangeable with all airless guns, no mater what year your gun was made.
(Tip guards/bases are available at this link: Reversible Tip Bases )

From Gleem:
Hears a great opportunity to stock up on some excellent XL-1 reversible spray tips. At this price it's almost like getting 2 for 1! Only down side we see is no seal& saddle included.

How about the tip holder? It is basically a bonus item; if you do not see a use for the tip holder, simply toss it. The value is in the two tips.
However, we do actually see a few possible usages for the tip holder; such as:
  • Contractor- Spraying apartments and going back and forth from a 517 for rooms, to a 415 for bathrooms.
  • Homeowner- Nice place to store the tips.

    Why is the price so low? We bought these on a close out special from SprayTech. (Thus the reason prices are only good while supplies last) Seems many users did not know what to do with the odd tip holder, along with the high $61.59 list price made for slow sales.

  • XL-1 Reversible Spray Tip, 2-Pack of 515

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