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Wagner Trim-It, All-In-One Trim Tool

Wagner Trim-It, All-In-One Trim Tool

0513030Regular Price: $24.99SPECIAL: $19.99


The all-in-on trim tool and paint container!
Details/Specs :
  • 5 oz. internal feed paint applicator
  • 2" x 3" trim pad
  • Thumb trigger
  • Quick disconnect tabs
  • Paint up to 60 lineal feet on one fill
  • Latex paint use only
PaintMate Plus Owner's ManualOwner's Manual-Trim-it

From Wagner :
The trim-it is designed to make cutting-in around windows, doors, trim and corners fast and easy. It provides a continuous flow of paint to the pad from the inside, eliminating the need for messy, dripping brushes.

From Gleem:
Will this handy tool replace the brush? No, unfortunately it can not totally replace a brush; but it does work better than a brush for many areas.

We find the Trim-It works very well for these type areas:
  • Cutting in walls to flat/smooth ceilings. (Not so good on bumpy/popcorn ceilings.)
  • Cutting in walls to door jambs. (Not as good on walls to baseboard as most baseboards do not have enough "lip" for the Trim-it's edge to ride on; however with some practice works well enough.)
  • Cutting in floors to just about any wall. (This it does Extremely well, the Trim-it is a back saver for decks!!)
  • Many other cut-in areas will still require the old fashioned brush.

    How does it hold up? On a recent project, we used/tested a Trim-it for almost 1-gallon of cutting-in with no problems. Little tool worked well. The Trim-it's pad (which in general all pads do) seems to put on a better coat than a brush would (especially on the hard to reach areas we was cutting in on a deck), which often lead to a one coat cut in verses two coats required with a brush.

    We just tossed it after usage, so can not comment on clean up time. Would estimate the Trim-It shaved at least 2-hours off our cut in time, so was well pleased.

    Wagner Trim-It Replacement PadWagner Trim-It Replacement Pad
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    Wagner Trim-It, All-In-One Trim Tool

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