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935 Piston 3/4 hp .019 Max tip (Reconditioned) - click to enlarge

935 Piston 3/4 hp .019 Max tip (Reconditioned)


Wagner Pro Gold
935 DX17 Piston Airless Paint Sprayer
Factory reconditioned
With 90 days Wagner Parts & Labor warranty available at any Wagner authorized service center.
+ 1 year Labor only warranty through Gleem Paint only. (Starts after the 90 days is up)


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  • .35 GPM
  • .019 Max tip (comes with 517)
  • 3/4 HP motor
    Draws only 6.5 amps
  • 0-3000 psi
  • All metal G-07 Gun
  • Inline gun filter
  • 50' of hose
  • Weighs only 26 lbs
  • Built for 1-75 gallon Weekly Volume
(Note that volume is Weekly, most other Piston pumps in this price range are made for 300 gallons per YEAR. Which is only 5.7 gallons per week.)

From Wagner:
Piston pump technology for big jobs. Easily sprays latex and oil-based paints, stains, and sealers. Main features are: Lightweight, easy-to-transport and high productivity; Ideal for property management and light commercial use.

These pumps New were more than $700.00 dealer cost!

This unit is very similar to a EP2105, which sells for $825-$925 (discount price). The main difference between the two units is the guns, G-07 vs G-10, and the intake hoses. But when you are saving $400.00 you could even buy the G10 gun also and still save $300.00. We have sold and serviced many EP2105's over the years, and have heard nothing but good. Seriously, not one complaint. So we expect these 935 units to be as trouble free. Only thing we ever have done to 2105's is put in packings and replaced a few on-off switches, and these were for full time painters. At this price it is even affordable for a homeowner. We even went as far as to compare the packing kits on this 935 unit vs a 2105. It was all the same, except for one small part that has to do with the intake hose. Even the rods are the same.

Letís compare the two rigs:

Wagner 935 SprayTech 2105
.35 GPM .40 GPM
.019 Max Tip .019 Max Tip
Weight 26 lbs Weight 26 lbs
Comes with 50íhose Comes with 50íhose
G07 Consumer-Grade Metal gun G10 Professional-Grade Metal gun w/swivel
Good Suction hose Best Suction hose
Patented Spring loaded packing system* Patented Spring loaded packing system*
*Both pumps share the same patented Spring loaded packings.

935 label view935 label view
935 Packing Info935 Packing Info

935 Piston 3/4 hp .019 Max tip (Reconditioned)

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