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TR-10 Telescopic Roller Attachment

TR-10 Telescopic Roller Attachment

0156113Regular Price: $199.00SPECIAL: $139.00Quantity:

Extends from 34" to 48"
Uses 9" perforated roller covers. (Comes with one 9" - 3/8 nap)
Extra covers are located at the bottom of this page, or you will find more choices hear: Perforated Roller Covers

From Wagner:
Converts an airless sprayer to a pressure rolling system. Internal feed system disperses paint evenly across roller cover. Retractable, telescopic pole extends reach to 48inches. Features an in-line trigger for comfortable operation.Tr-10

Editor's input:
These TR10 's are the best roller attachments we have seen for the money. It will hook up to any* standard airless sprayer since it simple connects to the standard 1/4" hose connection, where you normally would hook the airless gun to. The TR-10ís built in triggering system eliminates the need of using your existing airless gun for fluid delivery. This built in triggering system is one of the reasons we like this model over other cheaper models, since the cheaper ones have you use your existing gun to trigger paint up to the roller. Which when you use an airless gun for the fluid delivery, it is not as controllable as the inline trigger. (airless guns are built for an instant burst of paint, where as the inline trigger is tad more gradual.) The main feature that makes this model stand out is the telescopic end, nice for doing tall walls and or ceilings.

Roller attachments are mostly used for rolling paint on exterior buildings that can not be sprayed due to overspray, like three story buildings right next to a car dealership or such; and for interior work where the area does not allow for spraying. I have even used a similar one (SprayTech R-10) to paint tall 20ft walls from the ground. Duct taped the roller attachment to a extension pole, and would lower it just enough to trigger more paint into the cover. So they can be handy. But they really are more of an accessory to your sprayer, most of the time you do try to spray vs use the roller attachment, well at least I do.
------End editor's input---

*Any full sized airless sprayer that has pressure control. Note, currently the only model Wagner makes that does not have pressure control is the 770 Paint Crew. Though the TR-10 will hook up and operate with the 770, without the ability to turn down the pressure we do not recommend the 770 with this roller attachment. Look at the TR-9 Roller attachment for use with the Paint Crew.

Perforated Roller Cover- 3/8" Nap, 9"
Perforated Roller Cover- 3/8" Nap, 9"

Perforated Roller Cover- 3/8" Nap, 9"
0155206Regular Price: $9.99SPECIAL: $5.99, 6 or more for $5.00 eachQuantity:
Perforated Roller Cover- 3/4" Nap, 9"
Perforated Roller Cover- 3/4" Nap, 9"

Perforated Roller Cover- 3/4" Nap, 9"
0155208Regular Price: $9.99SPECIAL: $5.99, 6 or more for $5.00 eachQuantity:

TR-10 Telescopic Roller Attachment

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