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Tough as Tile Epoxy Finish 1 pint kit -- Discontinued - click to enlarge

Tough as Tile Epoxy Finish 1 pint kit -- Discontinued


Note: The two part version of this product has been discontinued in favor of the newer One part formula, Tub & Sink Brush-On Epoxy Finish .
(Click the following link to see the new one part version.)

UPS Only
Before - After Sink
  • 1 U.S. Pint Kit
  • Produces a High-Gloss, porceling-like finish
  • Self-Leveling Epoxy
One pint kit covers 30-38 sqft
This is enough to apply two coats to either a sink or toilet. Or enough to put one coat on the average bathtub (For best results apply two coats, so order two kits for the average tub).

-- Below is a copy of the Directions. Kind of long, but figured more info was better on this type product. We will later do a step by step how to on this when we get a chance. We have been selling this product to Apartment complexes and Home owners with excellent results. The stated five years is no problem under everyday use. A family members tub was done over 8 years ago and still looks great. The main thing to making it last is the prep-work (prep listed below.)

----Copy of directions---

Compare the cost of professional refinishing to the affordability, ease of use and durability of TOUGH AS TILE
  • Self leveling - wont leave brush marks
  • High gloss, durable finish
  • Perfect for redecorating kitchens and baths
  • Stain resistant
  • Can be tinted using Universal Tinting System
  • Easy to apply
  • Use on Porcelain, Metal, Concrete, China, Fiberglass, Formica*
  • Not for use on most plastic surfaces, test before using on a small area
Surface preparation

A clean surface is necessary for good adhesion. Three preparation procedures are listed for your convenience. Choosing any of the three and completing as instructed will lead to the same beautiful results.

Procedure A: Clean the surface to be painted with a mild solution of Muratic Acid (six parts water to one part acid). Handle acid carefully using cloves, goggles and following all the instructions on container. Rinse several times with warm water to remove all traces of acid residue. Allow the surface to dry 24 hours.

*(My pick)* Procedure B: Clean with TSP (trisodium phosphate). Rinse with water; scrub with grade #000 RHODES AMERICAN Steel Wool; rinse with water. Allow the surface to dry 24 hours,

Procedure C: Use a mild abrasive to clean the surface. Scrub with grade #000 RHODES AMERICAN Steel Wool and rinse with water. Soap residue, which the eye cannot see, must be completely removed. Fepeat the scrubbing process a minimum of three times until no residue shows up on the steel wool pad. Make sure the surface is completely dry before proceeding.

Repairs: Chips on porcelain, tile, metal, etc. can be repaired with POR-CELAIN CHIP FIX from Homax, or a good grade of epoxy tiller. After repair, surface should be butted with #000 RHODES AMERICAN Steel Wool.

Tinting: TOUGH AS TILE will accept small amounts of most Universal Tinting Colors. Light, pastel shades can be attained with this method. Do not use more man one fluid ounce of colorant per quart of TOUGH AS TILE as it may interfere with proper drying and curing of the finish.

Application of TOUGH AS TILE
Before applying TOUGH AS TILE, wipe surface down with a tack cloth to remove all dust, dirt and lint. Do not apply TOUGH AS TILE at temperatures below 65~F, or when surface being painted is below 650F. Thoroughly stir (do not shake) the contents of each can. Mix equal parts of A & B together. To mix entire batch use the part A can, which is half full for this purpose. Stir again after mixing. Let stand one hour before painting.
During this time, a chemical reaction takes place that gives TOUGH AS TILE its extraordinary toughness and durability. TOUGH AS TILE will remain workable for 12- 16 hours, but for ease of application, it is recommended to start painting immediately after the waiting period. Only two coats are necessary. Apply with clean, natural bristle brush or spray equipment. TOUGH AS TILE can be sprayed three different ways; with a conventional air spray gun. HVLP, or a CROWN~ sprayer. When using spray guns, refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for tips and pressure settings. When spraying, we recommend multiple light coats, rather than heavy coats that might sag. Use caution to avoid over-spray. Do Not use a foam applicator or roller.
Apply a light first coat to avoid runs. TOUGH AS TILE is suit-leveling and should be feathered often in only one direction to spread paint. Do not apply second coat sooner than twelve hours or later than 36 hours after the first coat.
Between coats, secure lids tightly, place cans and brush in plastic bag and store in freezer. Allow product to stand 1/2 hour upon removal from freezer. Do test strokes on disposable surface to make sure paint is flowing smoothly.
Make sure first coat is dry, then smooth with #000 RHODES AMERICAN Steel Wool. Then brush second coat on in only one direction. Brush out runs immediately. If runs develop, use a lighter application. Allow to cure for at least five days, at a temperature of 65F or higher, before using surface. Temperatures lower than 65F, or high humidity, may result in improper cure.
TOUGH AS TILE can be thinned with up to 1/2 ounce of Tough As Tile thinner, acetone, or lacquer thinner, per eight ounces of paint. Thinner should be added in two or three stages, mixing thoroughly and doing test strokes on a clean surface to test flow, before resuming job. After completion, clean brush immediately with TOUGH AS TILE THINER, acetone, or tolulene. TOUGH AS TILE is a very tough epoxy paint. It may be necessary to soak the brush for several hours to clean completely.
Contains: Petroleum Distillates, Xylene, Dipropylene Glycol MM Ether. Propylene Glycol Mono Ether. 2-Butoxy Ethanol, and Epoxy Resin. Use only in well ventilated area with a constant supply of fresh air. Avoid breathing vapors. Do not take internally. Intentional misuse by deliberately inhaling contents can be harmful or fatal. Do not get in eyes or skin (or on clothing, jewelry, shoes etc.). Wash hands with soap and water after using (and before eating or smoking). KEEP CONTAINER OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Do not use. transport, store, or dispose of near sources of High heat or ignition (including flames, sparks or very hot surfaces)

---End of Copy of Directions---

Customer Feedback/Review on this item:
---------------------------------------------------Feedback: Cindy from Greenwood, IN

i just wanted to let you know that i used this product, my tub is about 50 years old, and VERY worn.

i purchased this some time ago, and thinking that my tub really could not look worse, that anything was better than it was.

so i used the tough as tile, and voila, my tub looks like new.

i think that the best part is that if you follow th instructions as stated on the box, which i might are very specific, you can get a good result.

i am very happy, and would recommend this to even someone who has never do this before.

cindy xxxxxx
greenwood, in

Tough as Tile Epoxy Finish 1 pint kit -- Discontinued

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