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Titan Capspray Maxum II HVLP Conversion Gun - click to enlarge

Titan Capspray Maxum II HVLP Conversion Gun

0277076Regular Price: $399.99SPECIAL: $199.00

This gun is SOLD OUT.
Please see our line of Conversion Guns In Stock.



Contractor Series
New with One year warranty
Convert your air compressor to an HVLP sytem.

( Minimum 1-1/2 hp required )

In stock and ready to ship!
  • Works with 1 1/2 HP and Larger Compressors
  • 89% P.T.E. (product transfer efficiency)
  • Choose from 3 spay patterns via Click-in spray cap(round, vertical, horizontal patterns)

    HVLP Spray Pattern

  • Adjustable spray pattern sizes (from 1/4" all the way up to 12" patterns)HVLP Spray Pattern Size
  • Guided air cap for perfect pattern alignment
  • Stainless steel needle and nozzle
  • Maxum II Soft Touch two-stage trigger
  • Provides the finest atomization in the industry
  • Maxum II non-bleeder gun
  • Reversible Pick-Up Tube for spraying at multiple angles
  • #3 Projector Set

Gleem F.A.Q.
How is the Titan Maxum II Conversion Gun different from the Wagner Conversion Gun that you sell for 139.00?
Movable Pick-Up Lever

They are very close cousins and are meant to do the exact same thing. However, this Maxum II is like the Cadillac version. It is just a little nicer all the way around. It is machined a little better and feels a bit more solid in your hand. The soft touch trigger is easier and more enjoyable to use. It also comes with a #3 projector set which gives it more versatility in its stock setup than the Wagner model.

The biggest feature difference, though, has to be the reversible pick-up tube inside the cup that gives you the option to pick up paint from the front of the cup or from the back of the cup. This enables you to spray at an upward angle or a downward angle. The pic to the right illustrates this feature. If you notice there are two levers above the cup on this Maxum II gun as opposed to only one lever on the Wagner conversion gun. The second lever controls the pick-up tube.

Titan Capspray Maxum II HVLP Conversion Gun

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