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Which Brand Airless Tips are Compatible?

Nearly all the reversible airless spray tips on the market these days are interchangeable. However, there are one or two on the market that are different. Since some manufactures try to use confusion to persuade customers to only buy the same tip brand that came on their airless we setup the following guide to end the confusion.

Basically, look at the pictures below, find the tip you have now, and in that section you will see links to compatible replacement tips and tip bases.

Wagner Trade Tip SprayTech XL-1 Reversible Spray TipXL-1 FF  TipRC TipGraco Rac V Spray TipASM Uni Reversible Spray Tip
Titan SC-6 Reversible Spray Tip Titan XT Tip Titan Striping Tip Titan Synergy Tip

All these tips can use either of these Tip bases:
  • Titan Tip Guard/Base
  • ASM Uni Tip Guard/Base

    All these tips can be replaced with either of the following Tips (And require no tip-base change; they will simply install into your existing tip-base.):
  • Titan Reversible Tip
  • Titan Synergy Fine Finish Tip
  • ASM Uni-Tip

    Graco Rac X Spray Tip
    The Graco Rac X (Rac 10) "Blue" tip and "Blue" tip bases are not compatible with any other tip or tip bases.

    If you have the Rac X system, you have some choices :
  • Stay with the Rac X (that's the whole reason Graco came up with this system! They want you locked in!)
  • Buy a Titan Tip and a Titan Tip Guard/Base . (Simply use the Titan tip base when using Titan tips, and use your old blue base when using your old blue tips.)
  • Buy a ASM Uni-Tip and a ASM Uni Tip Guard/Base.
  • Buy a combination of ASM Uni-Tips, Titan Tips and buy Either a ASM Uni Tip Guard/Base or a Titan Tip Guard/Base. (Again as pointed out earlier on this page, our XL-1 and Uni Tips&Bases are 100% interchangeable.)

    Old Zip Tips
    The original Zip tips are mostly noticeable by their smaller tip barrels. These tips are not interchangeable with any of today's tips or bases. Wagner used these Zip tips for many years back in the 90's (Stopped using around year 2000). If you have Zip Tips/Bases you have the following choices:

  • Continue using the Zip Tip system. We do have a company that custom builds these tips with a 10 tip per size minimum. See here: Zip Tips
  • Upgrade, by buying an Titan Tip and a new 7/8" Titan Tip Guard/Base OR a 11/16" Titan Tip Guard/Base (if you have an older Wagner gun that is using the zip tips, there is a 99% chance it's an 11/16" gun. For an explanation see this page: Difference between a 7/8" Gun and an 11/16" Gun)
  • Upgrade to a New Airless Gun. (will come with a new base that takes all the new tips)

  • Which Brand Airless Tips are Compatible?

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