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SprayTech RC Reversible Tip - click to enlarge

SprayTech RC Reversible Tip

0297-Regular Price: $32.50SPECIAL: $19.99, 2 for $17.00 each, 4 or more for $9.50 each
Tip Size: 

This tip is SOLD OUT.
Please see our line of Airless Tips In Stock.

The Reversible Tip with a Replaceable Core

Pick the tip size you want using the drop down box selector!

F.A.Q. on these tips:
Q: Will these tips fit the XXXX airless paint sprayer on your web page?
A: Yes, these SprayTech RC tips will fit the tip base on all the airless sprayers we sell. Note: You can not put a bigger tip (.0XX") size than the max tip rating for any given pump. For more info on tip numbers, click this link for our guide on tip sizes: Understanding Airless Spray Tip Sizes

RC Airless Reversible TipFeatures:
  • Made from the finest tungsten-carbide available
  • Each tip is individually tested so you can be confident you are getting the finest tip available
  • RC (Replaceable Core) design saves user money
  • Interchangeable with all major brands*
  • Every tip comes with a new saddle seal and a core washer for your base.
    Other manufactures charge you $5.00 extra for these seals.
  • Super Low Gleem Buy Out Price!

* Note:
Package says "Interchangeable with all major brands" These brands would include: Wagner, SprayTech, Amspray, Krebs, Graco (will not fit the blue Rac X bases), Titan, and Campbell-Hausfeld.. The only exception to this interchangeable rule is old Titan, Campbell-Hausfeld, and Wagner tip bases that were manufactured in the year 2000 or prior. Back then the manufacturers all used different tip bases that were not interchangeable. (FYI: It’s a common misconception that you need a “spray tip” to fit your “spray gun”. Not correct. You need a “spray tip” that fits your “tip base/guard”, not the gun. It is the “tip base/guard” that holds the “spray tip”, not the “spray gun”.) If you have older tip bases (let’s just say over 4 years old) and you’re not sure if these tips will fit; the simple answer is to order a new tip base. Our SprayTech tip bases/guards are completely interchangeable with all airless guns, regardless of what year the gun was made.
(Tip guards/bases are available at this link: Reversible Tip Bases )

XL-1 Tip? If you are looking for the SprayTech XL-1 reversible tips, you will not find them as at this link: SprayTech XL-1 Reversible Tip. The XL-1 is the same tip as the RC, except for the replaceable core feature.

From Gleem :
This is another Gleem buy out special! . The factory is closing these RC tip lines out. Prices good while quantities last. If you are interested in larger quantities, email us for a price quote.

More FAQ’s
Q. Why is the factory closing out the RC tip line?
A. Mainly due to cost. It cost the factory around two-three dollars extra to build the RC tips vs a standard tip like the XL-1. Even though the paint contractor can save money by replacing the cores, the user still had to pay extra initially for the tip barrel. So, basically, it was an excellent idea, but the economics just did not work. However with our close out price on these tips and cores, it makes them an excellent choice.

Q. Can you mix and match RC cores with RC tip barrels?
A. Yes, you could. For example you could have an RC 635 tip, and then buy say a RC 511 core and it would insert into the RC barrel with no problems at all. It would spray just as you had bought a 511 from the start. The only downside is the plastic part of the RC tip barrel would still be inscribed 635, which could cause some confusion for future use. You would need to clearly mark it as changed to the new core size.

SprayTech RC Reversible Tip

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