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Customer Feedback on this item:

---------------------------------------------------- Reviewer: Robert of Mountain View, CA
Rating: Excellent
Good morning

I sprayed 14 gal exterior latex (Bear brand)on the outside of my house yesterday with the Wagner Paintcrew I purchased from you last week. I am very impressed - I had a hard time keeping up with this unit as it puts out faster than I expected. I could have purchased this from XXXXXX (Xed out due to copyrighted name)(YUK) but I purchased this from you because your site was so informative with the review of this product - good work!

I would agree with your comments that the swivel connector is well worth buying (I did not, but will purchase one now) the gun is light and I did not have a single clog all morning. The unit is easy to move around the project site and cleans in a snap. The only thing I noticed is a small pool of what look like a brown oil type liquid floating in the paint in the hopper???? is this a problem?? (GleemíŽs Comments: Most likely that is the acrylic resign of the paint floating to the top of the paint, make sure the always stir up the paint well before pouring into the hopper)

I had quotes of $1900- $2300 dollars to paint my house. I paid $350 for paint and supplies - $200 for sprayer and spent a week of after dinner time prepping, power washing and masking and 1 Saturday (tomorrow) to trim it out while working on the tan (its a California thing) money left over to take the wife for a long romantic weekend ;) not a bad deal in my book and I bet my paint job is pretty close to what I would have received from a pro! I would encourage any home owner to try this themselves.

only suggested changes to unit I would make are:

50' hose - less moving around
swivel attachment for gun - you know why
smaller tip - I had a few run problems or maybe I move too slow -LOL(Gleem's Comments: Move faster :), 413 is about as slow as you should need for exterior work.)

The manual says to leave 2oz of light oil in the pump after cleaning - What type of oil??? (Gleem's Comments: We use Hydraulic fluid at our shop since it's readily available. But you know even cooking oil works very well.) Thanks for your great site and service.


---------------------------------------------------- Reviewer: Jean of Ravenna, NE
Rating: Excellent
I purchased a Wagner Paint Crew 770 airless paint system. I actually cancelled an order with XXXXXX after reviewing the status. It wasn't going to arrive untill after my vacation was over even with 3-day shipping. Had read the review on Gleem paint about the product and was so impressed I ordered and poof 2 not 3 or 8 (XXXXXX) days later I was spraying away. These guys are great, ordering is easy and they get the stuff to you as fast as possible. Thanks these 20 Gallons of paint are going on fast.

Customer Feedback on this item:

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