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Inlet Valve Kit (PC+)

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Installation instructions are shown below.

Paint Crew Plus Inlet Valve Kit Cleaning or replacing the inlet valve may be required if the unit has priming problems. This may be caused by improper cleaning and/or storage.
  1. Remove the hopper. Insert the the inlet valve tool into the inlet valve area (a).
  2. Twist counter-clockwise and remove inlet sleeve and plastic ring from its housing. You will need to attach the inlet valve tool to a ratchet wrench extension with a 5/8 socket in order to remove it.
  3. Inspect the threads on the inlet sleeve and the inlet sleeve O-ring. Remove any accumulated paint.
  4. Insert the inlet valve tool into the inlet valve fitting. Using the ratchet and socket, twist counter-clockwise and remove from its housing.
  5. Retrieve the inlet valve and the inlet valve O-ring from the inlet valve housing. Clean or replace and lubricate the Oring with a light household oil.
  6. Set the inlet valve O-ring back into the housing, and set the inlet valve on top of it.
  7. Replace inlet fitting into the housing. Tighten with the inlet valve tool and ratchet.
  8. Replace the seal. Place the inlet sleeve O-ring onto the inlet valve fitting, and replace the inlet sleeve by twisting it clockwise.
  9. Replace the hopper.

Paint Crew Plus Kit A

Inlet Valve Kit (PC+)

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