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Wagner Paint Crew Plus (Recon)

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This sprayer is SOLD OUT.
Please see our full line of Airless Paint Sprayers In Stock.

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Factory Reconditioned with full 90 Day Wagner Warranty, available at over 500 service center locations.

Special offer available! For an extra $18.00 you will receive the following additional accessories:
  • 1each Tr-9 Roller Attachment (Complete with 3/8" Nap Cover)
  • 1each 3/4" Nap Cover- For smooth to semi-rough Surfaces
  • 1each 1-1/4" Nap Cover- For Rough Surfaces
  • 1each T-Shirt (Black-Large)
  • Tr-9 In Use3/4 Nap Cover1-1/4 Nap Cover Wagner T Shirt
    Sorry no substitutions can be made on the extra accessories.

    Paint Crew Plus Details:
    • 1/2 HP motor
    • Paint Crew Plus's Features
    • On demand Piston Pump
    • Professional Grade Metal Lightweight Spray Gun (G-7/8” threads)
      (One of the best guns in this price range!)
    • Telescoping Handle
    • Pressure Control (1000-2800 psi range)
    • Rugged Wheels for easy mobility
    • In-line gun filter
    • 2.5 gallon removable hopper increases spray time and convenience
    • 25' of hose (Max hose length 50')
    • .22 GPM
    • 415 Reversible Spray Tip
      Reversible means it can clear clogs fast with just a twist of the tip
    • .015” Max Tip Supported
    • 2800 PSI
    • Weight: 29 lbs
    • Runs off regular household 120 Volt 15 amp

    From Wagner :
    The Wagner Paint Crew® Plus piston pump paint sprayer delivers the professional performance, versatility and spray pattern of a high-priced contractor unit at a fraction of the price. Using a standard reversible spray tip, the Paint Crew Plus features pressure control for superior painting results applying both thin and thick-bodied material. Rugged wheels and a telescoping handle make maneuvering and transporting the Paint Crew Plus quick and effortless. A removable hopper allows for fast and easy clean-up.

    The Crew ControlTM pressure selector can adjust the spraying pressure from 1000 to 2800 PSI. High pressure is ideal for spraying today’s thick exterior latex paints, while lower pressure provides superior control and less overspray when spraying thinner materials. Low pressure is also preferred when using the roller arm accessory (optional accessory), which quickly turns the Paint Crew Plus into a time-saving interior rolling tool.

    The Paint Crew Plus utilizes a powerful 2800 PSI (193 bar) piston pump and comes complete with a 25 ft (7.6 m) hose and professional-grade metal spray gun. With a convenient hose hook and tip storage, the Paint Crew Plus is ready to be stowed until the next job in just seconds.

    From GleemPaint :

    The PaintCrew Plus is basically what the name says, a "Plus" model over the standard model. Highlights on the "pluses" are as follows:
    • Pressure control (nice for spraying the low viscosity materials like stains & clears)
    • Removable 2.5 Gallon Hopper (makes it a tad easier to clean)
    • Wheels (Handy when moving the unit when hopper is full of paint)
    • Hose Wrap

    The Paint Crew Plus is built (mechanically) very similar to the regular Paint Crew. (PC+ does have a slightly bigger motor [1/2hp vs 3/8hp] so does have a tad more output, and does have slightly longer lasting wear parts due to improved seal design; however mechanical differences are negligible) We do like the P.C. "Plus" unit, and think it is a good unit/package; but at the price point for the new PaintCrew + we was not "excited" about them. (Felt the recon Wagner / SprayTech 1420 was a better buy at the $200 price point.) However, with the price point of these factory reconditioned units, we are excited!! Which brings up a good question,, a lot of customer's ask us which should they buy new or recon? The honest truth is recon,, we [for our own personal usage] always buy/use reconditioned paint sprayers and if a friend or family member needs a sprayer we ALWAYS sale them a Wagner/SprayTech reconditioned unit verses a new one as they are the best value.

    Something else we like on the PC Plus is they kept the same VGX/GX05 spray gun of the regular version. Paint Crew Gun
    • This VGX/GX05 gun is lighter weight than most guns in it's price range. It weighs in at a light 1lb 2ozs. For comparison: The GX07 = 1lb 6ozs, the G10/GX10 (one of the all time best made guns) weighs a very trim 1lb. In metal airless spray guns, it cost more to make the guns light weight, so this is a sign of higher grade metals in the construction of the Paint Crew gun. The trigger pull is very light / easy to pull. Also, notice those grooves on the gun handle, they help keep the gun steady in your hand when spraying, even if your hands are sweaty. Also, as you can see in the gun picture to the right; we are showing an insert gun swivel installed onto the gun. This is another thing we like about this gun; the fact that it can take the shorter insert gun swivel as opposed to the longer inline gun swivel. Why so much fuss over the gun you may wonder? It is the gun itself you are holding in your hand when spraying; so the gun's feel, weight, trigger pull, and such makes makes a big difference in operation of the unit.

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    Unit shipping weight is 30 pounds.

    Wagner Paint Crew Plus Boxed


    Wagner Paint Crew Plus (Recon)

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