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Wagner Paint Crew 770 Airless Paint Sprayer (New) - click to enlarge

Wagner Paint Crew 770 Airless Paint Sprayer (New)

0515000Regular Price: $219.99SPECIAL: $149.00
Extra Option: 

This sprayer is SOLD OUT.
Please see our full line of Airless Paint Sprayers In Stock.

Special offer available! For only $19.97 extra you will receive an extra:
  • 1each 415 reversible tip
  • 2each yellow-fine gun filters
  • 1each T-Shirt (Black or White-Large)
  • Airless Spray TipAirless Gun Filter Wagner T Shirt

    This is in addition to the 413 tip and yellow filter already supplied with unit.
    Sorry no substitutions can be made on the extra accessories.

    PaintCrew Logo New with full one year Factory Warranty.

    • 3/8 HP motor
    • Paint Crew Gun
    • On demand Piston Pump
    • Professional Grade Metal Lightweight Spray Gun (G-7/8” threads)
      (This gun is one of the best guns we have seen for this price range!)
    • In-line gun filter
    • 2-gallon capacity hopper increases spray time and convenience
    • 25' of hose (Max hose length 50')
    • .20 GPM
    • 413 Reversible Spray Tip
      Reversible means it can clear clogs fast with just a twist of the tip
    • .015” Max Tip Supported
    • 2750 PSI
    • Weight is only 15 lbs
    • Runs off regular household 120 Volt 15 amp
    • Special price of only $199.00 $149.00!!!

    From Wagner :
    Ideal for medium to large projects. Sprays oil or latex based products on the entire house, shed, fences and garages. Powerful 2750psi piston pump coupled with a 25 foot hose and lightweight metal spray gun easily tackle projects. The convenient carrying handle and lightweight design make movement around the job site a snap. With simplified set-up and clean-up, the Paint Crew makes even the smaller projects fast and easy.

    From Gleem:
    The Paint Crew by Wagner comes by many names. It can be called the 770, the Pro Force 20 or PF20, the Paint Crew Xtra, and probably more. The only difference is the labels or the color of the hopper. For instance the reconditioned units we have for sale on our site currently have the yellow hopper and the new units displayed here have the gray colored hopper and carry the pro force label. Regardless of the color or name, this paint crew line has been one of the best selling lines in Wagner's history. It packs a nice punch for the price.

    From the Editor :(Review written when we first got these sprayers)
    The PaintCrew is one of Wagner’s newest airless units on the market. So, when I had a recent paint job to do myself, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try this new model out. Let me cut to the chase and say, I LIKE IT! I mean for the price range, I really like it. What did I like about it? Paint Crew Gun
    • The gun - I was actually the most impressed with the gun more than any thing else. First thing I noticed when I picked it up, it was lighter weight than most guns in this price range. It weights exactly 1lb 2ozs, which a Gx07 gun comes in at 1lb 6ozs. The all time best gun on the market, the G10 (GX10 is the same gun) weighs in at trim 1lb. In metal spray guns, it cost more to make the guns light weight, so this is a sign of high grade metals in the construction of the Paint Crew gun. The trigger pull was very light and easy to pull. Also notice those groves on the gun handle, they help keep the gun steady in your hand when spraying, even if your hands are sweaty etc. If you are into Wagner gun models, I would rate this gun right under the GX08, and above a GX07. Now, as you can see in the gun picture to the right; I actually installed an insert gun swivel onto the gun for my test. (I have to have a swivel when I spray) That is another thing I like about this gun; the fact that it can take the shorter insert gun swivel as opposed to the longer inline gun swivel. So why am I so concerned with the gun you ask? Well, I was a paint contractor a while back, and after you spray for 12 hours a day, you really start to get picky about the gun you hold in your hand.

    • Pouring paint into hopper

    • The resurrection of the hopper sprayer - Wagner, at one time, made alot of hopper units, but moved away from them for more suction set type units. (The old style hoppers were also top heavy, and were bad about tipping over; but this new PaintCrew design is low to the ground and it felt very stable.) Now, if you are doing big jobs, yes, suction sets are faster. But, I like the hoppers for the smaller jobs. It takes less paint to prime them up, due to the fact that the paint is being fed in by gravity; they prime up faster and have no trouble with loosing their prime. Plus, most homeowner’s would like a break after spraying two gallons of paint.☺

    • Spraying Oil

    • The pump - For the pump itself, it worked flawlessly. I sprayed about 3 gallons of PPG’s exterior oil based 6-809 primer. (Used the supplied 413 tip) And then sprayed 2 gallons of Spraying LatexPPG’s exterior semi-gloss latex 100% acrylic. I sprayed the acrylic with the supplied 413 tip and I also brought along a 515 tip to make sure the 770 could actually handle the rated Max .015” tip. Which it did, with no problem, and the 515 let me spray my finish coat a bit faster on the rough siding I was spraying.

    • I hope to take some time to post up some more pictures of the job, mainly just to help the “first-time painting“ customers get a feel for painting a house. But, that is in due time.

    Oh, so was their anything I did not like about the unit? Well, now we are talking about a $250 airless spray rig; not a $599.00-9190 or a $3000-EP2510. So no, the output did not blow me away with speed. But you know for the job I was doing, I did not need any more power. Most exterior house spray jobs can be done well with any airless that can handle a max .015” tip, since a 415 (or 515) is about the biggest tip you use outside. Unless you have an all stucco house or maybe a big, old, huge, nasty, and rough siding barn; and of course big commercial jobs. It is really the inside jobs that you tend to go faster and need the higher output. Only two things I would found that might bother some people: 1) No pressure control valve. Wagner omitted using on this unit. Reasons are cost and simplicity. You would not believe how many phone calls we get saying, "my piston pump will not come on, is the motor bad?" And we simple say, "um did you trying turning the pressure knob up?" And you will hear a pause, (and some fiddling in the background) and then suddenly you hear a motor start to run in the background. :) See, piston pumps only run on demand, so if you cut the pressure knob all the way down; the motor will never kick on. Buy eliminating the pressure control, Wagner saved themselves a ton of phone calls (and Gleem also). But you know, if your spraying latex or oil based paints, you really need any airless unit turned all the way up anyway. So, the loss of the pressure control is really not an issue. (and I actually found it well, simpler; one less knob to mess with). The other thing I noticed in the manual, was that the unit is not for use with paint materials with a flash point below 70şF, which basically means you can not spray Lacquer’s or Xylene thinned enamels. (15 minute Quick dry industrial enamels use Xylene) Why? It has to do with the type of seals they use for the inside of the unit. The unit has no problem spraying all your other normal variety of paints, like oil base, latex, primers, stains, varnishes, preservatives and such. So, homeowner’s would not really care. Just the professional cabinet makers.☺

    Ok, in short; I think Wagner did an excellent job with this model given the price point they are shooting at. The gun is the super strong point, which they actually surpassed the guns they use on some of the bigger more powerful units! Nice, small, simple to use and lightweight to move around. I think this would be an excellent rig for a homeowner who wants to paint the exterior of their house and also wants a rig that can do even smaller projects like a dog house; but not require as much paint to prime up as the units that don’t utilize a hopper.

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    Unit shipping weight is 25 pounds. Box 770 Airless

  • List $219.99
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  • Sale $149.00

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    Wagner Paint Crew 770 Airless Paint Sprayer (New)

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