Black Friday - Cyber Monday Titan Capspray Sale

Our best Capspray sale of the year is here! For this weekend only, order a Titan Capspray Sprayer and receive a free Titan Maxum II Gun!

$355 - Titan Maxum II Gun

That's right. You get the gun that comes with the unit, and when you take advantage of this special sale, we ship you another one completely for free - no rebates, no forms to fill out, just a $355 Maxum II Gun for free! Offer is only valid from 11/24/23 - 11/27/23. Limit 1 per customer.


Titan Capspray Units


$1,289 - Capspray 75

$1,539 - Capspray 95

$1,819 - Capspray 105


$2,099 - Capspray 115


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