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Paint Easy - Latex Paint Conditioner 32 Oz

Paint Easy - Latex Paint Conditioner 32 Oz

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Paint Easy is a paint conditioner that thins water based latex paints without diluting.
  • Trouble-Free Spraying
  • Easier Brushing
  • Faster Rolling
  • Smooth Professional Results
Improves virtually every method of paint application - interior and exterior.
For use with these Water-Borne and Latex Paints:
  • Acrylics
  • Enamels
  • Sealers
  • Primers
Directions on Bottle:
Shake well before using. Keep from freezing. Add approximately 4 oz of Paint Easy to each quart of paint while stirring or boxing. Mix thoroughly. If paint drags, dries too quickly, or "spits" large droplets from the sprayer, add more Paint Easy. If paint gets too fluid, add more paint. Follow paint label instructions regarding use of additives or conditioners.

From Gleem:

Paint Easy is a product from Wagner/Titan that is very comparable to another product on the market called Floetrol.

These latex paint conditioners are very interesting. They were originally designed for brush applications. They help latex paints apply more smoothly and slow down dry-time. Slowing the dry-time enables you to brush a larger surface much more easily by allowing you more time to blend in with an area you already painted without creating those dreaded 'lap marks'. If you have ever brush painted a raised panel door with latex paint, you know this frustration.

Since this product helps latex paints have a more 'slick' or 'slippery' constitution, painters began experimenting with their use in spraying latex paints. Many have had good success using either paint conditioner or some combination of paint conditioner and water for thinning the paint for better spraying. This product can be used with handheld Power Painters, HVLP sprayers, and Conventional air powered cup-gun or pot systems to help them properly atomize latex paints.

Paint Easy - Latex Paint Conditioner 32 Oz

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