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Paint Brushes 101

................ Paint Brushes 101 ...............

by Dene Alston

Not all paintbrushes are created equal... Professionals use professional tools. If you want professional results you need to be painting with the same exact brushes the pros use. So what brushes are we talking about? We are talking about that section of brushes that probably cost more than you want to spend.

Don't get cheap!

Pay a little more and get the results you want. Having a fresh quality brush compared to a cheap or worn out brush is like cutting grass with a new riding lawn mower compared to an old push mower. The push mower is harder and the job won't look as good either.

Basically, you can't go wrong with the Purdy line of brushes. They are easy to find and are a very well made paintbrush. Make sure you pick out the right brush for the paint you are using. The brushes get pretty specific about which paints they are used for. It is usually better to get a brush specifically for latex or specifically for oil than going with an all-purpose brush.

(I prefer a 2 1/2 in. angle brush for cutting in)

An alternative for the budget minded is the Silver Tip line from Wooster. They are just a half notch down from the Purdy line.
You can find them here:
Wooster Silver Tip Paint Brushes

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Paint Brushes 101

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